S&P Capital IQ Expands Corporate Earnings Estimates Offering to Permit Continuous Data Feed, Providing Updates up to Every Five Minutes

New York - 10 September 2012

Available on Xpressfeed, Product Sharpens Investor Awareness of Estimate Revisions From 700 + research contributors on over 18,000 public companies in 100 countries

S&P Capital IQ, a leading provider of multi-asset class data, research and analytics, today announced significant enhancements to its widely referenced Corporate Earnings Estimates product within Xpressfeed, the firm’s enterprise data feed management solution.

Xpressfeed provides users access to qualitative and quantitative content from S&P Capital IQ, including public and private company information, S&P Dow Jones Indices and third party Global Indices, and additional third-party content and ratings from Standard & Poor’s. Effective today, S&P Capital IQ will provide updated content on over 18,000 global public companies via Xpressfeed every five minutes, or up to 288 times per day. Previously this information was available only once a day. In addition, updates will be available for 45 data points, including periodic and non-periodic estimates as well as certain industry specific estimates and company guidance.

“The addition of this capability to our feed delivery of global estimates on Xpressfeed is a significant enhancement,” said Rui Carvalho, Managing Director, S&P Capital IQ. “With increased investor attention focused on annual and quarterly corporate earnings, we have provided users with the ability to consume thousands of analyst estimates and revisions within minutes of their coming into our database before, during and after regular trading hours.”

“Transparency is another key differentiator of this Corporate Earnings Estimates product,” said Michael Patton, Director of Earnings Estimates, S&P Capital IQ. “We include extensive footnotes in our feeds to explain how various data inputs are standardized and why certain analysts have been excluded or included. This is important information that is not always included in other systems, causing users to lose valuable time hunting it down.”

S&P Capital IQ Corporate Earnings Estimates have become the new standard for estimates data and functionality for thousands of the world’s top buy-side and sell-side industry professionals. Utilizing frequent accuracy checks, proactive surveillance, and proven methodology, S&P Capital IQ has built an expansive broker/independent contributor ecosystem.

Xpressfeed provides buy-side and sell-side professionals a turnkey database, loading and maintenance technology for reliable and efficient data feed solution. Xpressfeed delivers a comprehensive data suite in conjunction with the Xpressfeed Loader, a tool that processes the data into a relational data warehouse. Clients are able to retrieve both current and historical earnings data alongside any dataset currently available in Xpressfeed. The Xpressfeed Loader allows clients to customize and schedule data retrieval times, enabling full end user control over the data management.

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