Publication - Financial Product Classifications

10 September 2012

London Market Systems is proud to announce the release of the definitive publication on Financial Instrument Classifications.

This paper takes the reader on a Darwinian journey of discovery. It explores the principles of designing classification schemes and examines classifications, taxonomies and typologies in general use (including the likes of ISO 10962, Bank of International Settlements OTC classification, ISITC Settlements and reconciliation classification) as well as those proposed or under development such as the ISDA Taxonomies.

An investigation is undertaken as to the appropriate mechanisms for representing classifications and how they can be deployed. The potential impact on product design in the light of the new regulatory frameworks (Dodd-Frank and EMIR in particular) is also scrutinized.

“All regulatory roads lead to data” and this publication is the Killer App for grappling with the minefield of financial instrument and product classification - the latest must have Sat Nav.

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