Quartet FS recognised as a “Sample Vendor” in Hype Cycle for In-Memory Computing Technology

Singapore, Paris, London and New York - 4 October 2012

Quartet FS, a leading provider of in-memory analytics technology, today announced that it has been identified as a sample vendor in a series of Gartner Hype Cycles, including ‘In-Memory Computing Technology 2012’1, listed as an Analytical In-Memory Database Management System (IMDBMS) and a Business Activity Monitoring technology.

Quartet FS provides innovative technology designed to tackle the challenges resulting from the ‘3 Vs’ of the Big Data phenomenon: Volume, Velocity and Variety. Quartet FS’s in-memory analytics platform, ActivePivot, enables companies to bring advanced analytics into time-sensitive and data-intensive processes which require context-aware decisions through the continuous processing of new events.

According to Gartner: “Technologies such as analytical in-memory DBMS, complex event processing, high performance message infrastructure, in-memory data grids and enterprise-grade solid state are expected to provide transformational or high benefits and are likely to reach a good or even in some cases excellent degree of maturity and adoption over the next two or three years." 1

Georges Bory, co-founder and managing director at Quartet FS, said: “Quartet FS has created and grown its technology to underpin critical decision making in business. We have more than 30 projects live in business critical applications and more than seven years of experience doing exactly this – we are 100% committed to developing our world class in-memory analytics technology, ActivePivot. We believe being recognised by Gartner as a sample vendor reinforces the long term value we deliver to our growing customer base.”

According to Gartner, “Analytical IMDBMSs support analytical use cases that have some of the following characteristics:

  • Speed of query and calculation being critical to the use case
  • Often changing analytical requirements, making it difficult to create dedicated optimisations to support the business requirements
  • Low-latency analysis requiring that calculations be done over data loaded in real time and the finest grain of detail” 1

These use cases for analytical in-memory DBMS, as described by Gartner, are the clear crux of Big Data commodities. Demand for in-depth, continuous insight into complex datasets is spreading across industry verticals and is fast becoming a mainstream requirement for organisations. Highly complex calculations – credit valuation adjustment (CVA) in risk management and inventory calculations in supply chain management – are two such use cases which have been transformed through in-memory analytics.

The ActivePivot engine successfully addresses the use case criteria listed by Gartner. ActivePivot is able to conduct powerful scenario testing and simulations, with drill-in/drill-through – providing the flexibility needed for complex analytical requirements. Furthermore, its column store structures and distributed architecture accelerate query responses in critical scenarios. Continuous event processing combined with ‘on the fly’ calculations of complex measures, provides detailed, intelligent output in mission-critical environments, in real-time.

Quartet FS was also recognised as a sample vendor in Gartner’s Hype Cycles for: Business Process Management 20122, Context-aware computing 20123, Supply Chain management 20124 and Big Data 20125. Quartet FS has also been recognised by Gartner’s ‘Who’s Who in In-Memory DBMSs’6 .

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