Gigamon Delivers GigaSMART Platform for GigaVUE H Series Scaling to New Levels of Performance

Reading, UK - 29 October 2012

New GigaSMART platform enables next phase of Visibility Fabric: Engaged Fabric

Gigamon®, a leading provider of Traffic Visibility Fabric™ solutions, announced today the next phase in the evolution of the Visibility Fabric with the launch of the GigaSMART® technology in the GigaVUE® H Series of fabric nodes. The proven GigaSMART technology, which is currently available on the G Series of fabric nodes, now delivers up to 400Gb of processing capacity in the high-end GigaVUE-HD8 chassis and supports a range of GigaSMART applications to enable the deduplication, modification, manipulation and transport of network traffic as it is delivered to management, monitoring and security tools and systems. Gigamon will be showcasing its Visibility Fabric at the Cisco Live Mexico trade show, Nov. 6-8 in Cancun, Mexico.

“Gigamon's continued investment in its GigaSMART technology takes network visibility into a software based model that delivers unparalleled control and flexibility for network operations,” said Nick Lippis, the author of the Lippis Report. “Their four phase fabric evolution plan would deliver customers a steady stream of value added features and capabilities over the life of their Gigamon relationship.”

Bob Laliberte of the Enterprise Strategy Group sees a growing demand to control management traffic as Enterprises consolidate and increase the density of data centres. “With the recent growth in the volume of traffic, compounded with the drive to take advantage of virtualisation and cloud technologies, the burden on IT to manage increasingly complex infrastructure continues to amplify. Managing the reliability and performance of infrastructure requires powerful visibility into the traffic moving between applications and devices in both physical and virtual environments.”

With the launch of the high performance GigaSMART H Series solution, IT is able to take advantage of a range of applications to enable the modification, manipulation, transformation and transport of traffic between the extraction from the production network and delivery to the management, monitoring and security tools.

In conjunction with the H Series GigaSMART announcement, Gigamon has also established a platform for a four-phase evolution of its Visibility Fabric. This launch provides the enabling technology for the second phase – the Engaged Visibility Fabric with subsequent planned phases to include an Active Visibility Fabric and Living Visibility Fabric.

“As the volume and speed of network traffic continues to increase, the need to converge on a single platform – a fabric – that not only simplifies and automates traffic visibility, but also provides built-in intelligence, will drive the way organisations choose to monitor and manage their networks,” said Paul Hooper, VP of Marketing at Gigamon. “We see the features offered by GigaSMART as an anticipated and necessary next step in the evolution of the Visibility Fabric.”

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