Canon installs IRISCapture™ Pro for Forms at Mobiel Centre Marktonderzoek in the Netherlands to automatically read survey questionnaires

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium - 29 October 2012

I.R.I.S., a technology company (listed on EURONEXT Brussels: IRI), specialising in Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Optimised IT Infrastructure (ICT), is very pleased to announce the deployment of IRISCapture™ Pro for Forms in partnership with Canon at Mobiel Centre Marktonderzoek, a Dutch company specialised in market research.

Mobiel Centre Marktonderzoek (MCM) is the largest independent field research organisation in the Netherlands. It conducts 1,000 surveys per year and generates over 1,000,000 contacts amongst which 300,000 interviews are conducted at Schiphol airport. To collect data, MCM uses modern methods such as completing questionnaires online or using iPads, alongside paper questionnaires.

MCM’s challenge is to provide accurate figures and statistics to its clients as quickly as possible. However, until now, paper questionnaires were manually encoded: it can take several weeks to enter all the data before being able to analyse a survey and deliver statistics. MCM also has to keep an eye on the survey results in order to be able to quickly retrieve a specific questionnaire at any time.

For these reasons, MCM was convinced to switch to the automatic processing of its paper surveys. Today, all paper forms are scanned with a Canon MFP and automatically read by IRISCapture™ Pro for Forms. IRISCapture™ analyses the form images and extracts the key data. Data is then exported in CSV files allowing for quick and easy analysis.

The benefits for MCM are numerous:

  • Results accuracy is improved: the automatic recognition of answers is completed with a very high recognition rate, allowing a reduction of encoding errors.
  • Productivity is increased: the number of people dedicated to questionnaire encoding has decreased from 5 to only 1.
  • Higher reactivity: the processing time for questionnaires has been reduced from several weeks to 2 days.
  • Better visibility: it is now easier to retrieve survey questionnaires and results analysis.

Laurids Nissen, Project Manager, Mobiel Centre Marktonderzoek, comments: “Thanks to I.R.I.S. and Canon, we have cut our questionnaire processing costs by up to 80% and improved customer satisfaction. We are now more reactive and can provide more accurate figures.”

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