Aternity® End User Activity Monitoring for Windows® 8

Boston, MA - 29 October 2012

Leader in End User Experience Management for Physical, Virtual and Mobile Devices Eases Business Migration to Latest Windows Platform

Aternity Inc., the industry’s leader in end user experience management solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises, announced today that it will support Windows 8, the latest operating system just released by Microsoft on Friday, October 26th, 2012. The Windows 8 operating system user interface is built for touch interface – which is particularly useful for remote workers leveraging tablets – this will help streamline between mobile corporate access of critical applications and personal mobile device usage. As Microsoft expands and strengthens its presence in both enterprise and consumer markets, Aternity provides the comprehensive physical, virtual, and mobile end user experience management demanded in the era of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and IT consumerization. With Aternity, enterprises gain the power of a single, consistently architected, massively scalable platform, monitoring every transaction of every user on every Windows device.

In order to help organizations successfully migrate to Windows 8, Aternity’s Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform can provide critical business intelligence for:

  • Managing Application Performance SLAs on Windows 8 – Aternity’s FPI Platform can help organizations manage SLA compliance by validating performance and availability of all transactions for all end users, verifying whether contractual commitments had been met, and identifying outliers.
  • Informed Capacity Planning – With Aternity’s before-and-after comparisons, organizations can effectively compare performance in physical, virtual, and mobile environments, and even compare other Windows Operating System users, like those with Windows 7 or Windows XP to those who are newly migrated onto Windows 8, to validate and ensure the users’ experience is maintained and improved.
  • User-Centric Proactive IT Management – Aternity provides proactive detection of end user problems, isolation of impacted users, and automatic probable cause analysis which dramatically reduces MTTR and business disruptions, especially as a new OS is introduced into the business environment.
  • Unified Management of End User Experience – Support for virtual desktops, physical machines, and mobile devices in a single, consistently architected, massively scalable platform, is especially critical for organizations that want to deploy Windows 8 as this will ensure an End User monitoring strategy encompassing all users including the mobile workforce.

“We are further extending our Platform’s unique and comprehensive coverage of the enterprise IT environment through our support for Windows 8,” said Trevor Matz, President and CEO of Aternity. “For organizations undergoing Windows migrations, understanding real end user experience before and after the migration has always been critical. Windows 8 blurs the boundaries of how end users access their critical applications, and the complexity and need for understanding end user experience increases exponentially as these migrations will now encompass physical, virtual, and mobile environments.”

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