Temenos Connect suite aims to help banks and their customers across multiple channels

25 October 2012

Temenos has launched the Temenos Connect suite of front office software products, which incorporates the edgeIPK user experience technology that the vendor acquired when buying the firm earlier this year. The aim is to integrate the offerings into one package, so the ‘new’ suite comprises of the edgeConnect (UXP), Temenos Internet, Temenos Mobile and Temenos On-boarding solutions.

According to Temenos the Connect suite is aimed at a finance market increasingly dominated by multiple access devices and the need to accommodate them in inter-related banking, accounting or treasury systems. Temenos maintains that the suite will enable users to:

• Escape the limitations of their existing legacy infrastructure to offer a rich, consistent and interactive customer experience.

• Allow developers to build applications once and deploy across all channels, including across the internet and mobile channels.

• Enhance brand equity, defend share against new retail banking entrants, and attract and retain the affluent customers who demand a seamless user experience across the internet and mobile channels.

• Temenos On-boarding allows banks to profile prospective customers applying for products online – facilitating a usable design process to maximise straight-through processing (STP), preventing the amount of people that stop applying mid-way.

• Provide banks with a consolidated channel management and delivery solution which can be integrated into back office systems. This could be useful for bank-to-treasury connections, payments systems and other integrated financial supply chains.

Commenting on the new launch, David Arnott, chief executive officer (CEO) at Temenos, said: “Customers of all ages are increasingly seeking to access banking products and services over tablets, smartphones and other devices, which are now ubiquitous. Banks already know that customers are demanding a rich and interactive user experience across all available channels, but they are struggling to overcome technology constraints to meet these demands. The only way for banks to not just catch up but to exceed customer expectations is to take an entirely new approach, namely to adopt a user experience platform (UXP).”

By Neil Ainger

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