Sun Street Extends Implementation of Curium at Henderson Global Investors

London - 24 October 2012

Sun Street Limited, the data management technology company, today announced that Henderson Global Investors has extended their implementation of Curium, its innovative Data Quality Management solution, to include position reconciliations against multiple external third party administrators on a global basis. Curium is already the primary data quality management system employed at Henderson for security reference and pricing data.

Funds managed from the Far East are reconciled for the start of the day in Asia with a later run taking place for the UK and European book of business.

Richard Coulling, Senior Analyst and Implementation Manager at Henderson said “By deploying Curium as a global solution we have streamlined our processes that ensure accurate position data is available to our fund managers and traders in time for the start of their own business day wherever they are located. Curium not only detects the breaks between accounting and trading records but also manages the headache of false alerts by automatically closing issues relating to expected or known differences. Breaks due to transitions, corporate actions, debt maturities and so on, that the trading systems are unaware of, are accounted for and dealt with by Curium leaving the operations staff free to focus on real data issues without having to work through the noise of false alarms.”

Coulling added “The great thing about using Curium for our reconciliations is that the operations team no longer needs to refer to the trading platforms or our external administrator’s systems in order to investigate breaks. All of the underlying data from these systems is accessible from Curium and can be explored with context driven enquiries without requiring cross platform access or training.”

Using Curium to integrate reconciliations alongside pricing and reference data quality management allows Henderson to retire their standalone reconciliation software giving direct savings in technology cost of ownership as well as operational efficiency.

Mat King, Professional Services Director at Sun Street commented “I am delighted to see Henderson extend the use of Curium into new operational territory. Bringing reconciliations and data quality activities into one integrated workflow under Curium gives Henderson greater ability to manage their workloads. One consolidated dashboard allowing prioritisation and management oversight across these disparate operational processes delivers efficiency and maximises output in the critical task of ensuring accurate data for investment decisions.”

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