InfoReach Adds Multi-Leg Order Functionality For Futures And Options To Global Institutional Trading Platforms

Chicago, IL - 24 October 2012

Global electronic trading technology provider InfoReach now provides FIX-based multi-leg order capabilities for derivatives in its Execution Management Systems.

Users of the InfoReach TMS and InfoReach Prelude trading platforms can execute complex and cross-asset futures and options trades with minimal latency via the InfoReach FIX Network (IFN). The new functionality supports both manual and algorithmic trading and even allows traders to modify multi-leg algo orders to take advantage of changing market trends.

The InfoReach EMSs come loaded with various strategies, including Box, Butterfly, Calendar Spread, Diagonal Spread, Vertical Spread, STK/OPT, Straddle, Strangle and Condor. In addition, InfoReach offers multi-leg DMA and algorithmic trading from a variety of global brokers, including:

  • Barclays
  • UBS
  • JP Morgan
  • Credit Suisse
  • Quantitative Brokers

“Nearly 100% of the world’s top futures and options contracts are traded electronically, so the ability to deploy advanced derivatives trading strategies gives our customers an extra edge in capturing opportunities, minimizing market impact and reducing risk,” states InfoReach CEO Allen Zaydlin. “And our FIX Network ensures high speed and throughput for more efficient trading,” he adds.

According to industry analyst TABB Group, the buy side continues to expand its use of futures and options, and is increasingly executing more complex strategies such as multi-legged spread trades electronically. “Buy-side traders are embracing DMA and algorithmic-trading channels with volume routed through these channels accounting for the vast majority of futures trading in the U.S.,” TABB asserts in its annual benchmark research study, “US Futures Trading 2012: Buy-Side Demands in an Evolving Marketplace.”

The InfoReach FIX Network provides connectivity to hundreds of brokers, ECNs, exchanges, FX dealers and banks and other global sources of liquidity for equities, options, futures and forex. The IFN can handle extremely high volumes of orders, amends and executions, thanks to its distinctive multi-hub model. This provides multiple connections (hubs) via individual broker gateways, as opposed to the typical hub-and-spoke networks which supply connectivity through a single hub to multiple trading participants (the spokes) and are prone to bottlenecks.

InfoReach offers two high-performance, multi-asset, broker-neutral EMSs: The completely configurable and scalable InfoReach Trade Management System (TMS) and InfoReach Prelude, a hosted, pre-configured solution. Both consolidate the advanced tools and execution capabilities traders need in a single platform with global market connectivity.

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