OpenLink Sets Roadmap for Transaction Lifecycle Management

New York - 23 October 2012

Company Delivers Strategy for ‘Expanding Horizons’

OpenLink Financial LLC (OpenLink), the global leader in Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) software, last week unveiled its strategy for “Expanding Horizons of Transaction Lifecycle Management.” The blueprint was delivered in Montreal to the 371 delegates of the ninth OpenLink User Conference, the largest conference for the company on record.

The event marked the first time that clients from all of OpenLink’s products gathered in one forum, with attendees from 21 countries representing 91 firms in the energy, capital markets, and industrial/commercial sectors. Attendees shared industry insights and presented case studies demonstrating the value of OpenLink’s innovative technology in managing complex transactions involving financial and physical assets.

Kevin Hesselbirg, outgoing CEO and newly-appointed Vice Chair of OpenLink’s Board, reprised the company’s progress over the past year, including its expansion through recent acquisitions of SolArc and CubeIntelligence, and geographic expansion to Dubai and Bangalore.

Dr. Mark Greene, CEO designate, then presented a vision of OpenLink’s future expansion into new asset classes, additional lifecycle phases (including pre-transaction support and post-transaction operations), and deeper analytic content. Dr. Greene noted: “Heightened regulatory and competitive pressures, are driving the need for more transparency, increased ancillary information, and a global view of firms’ positions – in other words, more comprehensive transaction lifecycle management capabilities. OpenLink stands ready to meet this challenge, leveraging our market-leading Endur, Findur, and RightAngle products.”

He committed to building on the company’s past success by emphasizing client satisfaction, product management, and leadership in both technical innovation and business insight.

Dr. Markus Seiser, EVP of Product Marketing, provided further specifics on this vision, by specifying roadmaps for each OpenLink product for the coming 18 months. Dr. Seiser said: “Given the sophistication of our clients and their growing needs for advanced TLM, we are positioning OpenLink for increasing transparency concerning our product direction. Through the User Conference and a soon-to-be-launched Client Advisory Council, we will both solicit customer input and share our product strategy.”

Dr. Seiser concluded by thanking attendees, noting the high-degree of engagement at 71 workshops and the level of interest in the 39 product demonstrations conducted at the conference. “We valued the opportunity to interact with our clients, and look forward to working with them in close partnership as we expand the horizons of transaction lifecycle management together,” he added.

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