Tyler Capital Selects OneTick for Quant Research and Rapid Strategy Development

London and New York - 2 October 2012

OneMarketData, LLC have announced that Tyler Capital, a London-based technology-driven proprietary trading group focused on global futures, selected OneTick for quantitative research, rapid strategy development and signal generation. A solution for complex event processing (CEP), analytics and tick data that spans both historical and real-time, OneTick will support Tyler’s quant research and trading across derivatives products in Europe, North American and Asia.

“At its core, our firm is driven by technology and so, to ensure that we were managing our market data effectively, we needed to turn to the best technology out there, which we believe is OneTick,” said Steve Everett, a managing partner at Tyler Capital Partners LLP. “The ability to conduct both our mathematical research and run our quant strategies all in one place provides us with the ability to uncover new sources of alpha and generate trading signals, enabling us to make quicker and smarter investment decisions.”

“In today’s fast-paced, competitive markets, proprietary trading firms such as Tyler Capital have one choice – be first to market or be left behind,” said Richard Chmiel, senior vice president, OneMarketData. “Effective data management is critical to achieving alpha and uncovering new investment opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed. We are pleased Tyler Capital recognized OneTick was the single solution they needed to meet this challenge.”

OneTick’s intuitive, performance-driven design provides quants, analysts and traders with greater freedom to analyze as opposed to process data, leading to increased performance and ultimately profits. Built specifically for the financial services industry by Wall Street veterans, OneTick is the only CEP product in the market that solves two problems with one platform by functioning as an integrated combined CEP and tick database.

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