Alfresco’s Cloud API for Mobile Apps Now Available

London - 2 October 2012

Cloud Content Management Gives App Developers a True Enterprise Alternative to Dropbox, Box and iCloud

Today Alfresco announced an open application-programming interface (API) for Alfresco in the cloud. The new cloud API is based on the most popular content management open standard, content management interoperability services (CMIS), pioneered by Alfresco and further developed by the Apache Chemistry project.

Alfresco’s new cloud API gives application developers who are creating business and productivity apps for iOS, Android or the cloud a true, enterprise alternative to consumer file-sharing APIs such as Dropbox, Box and iCloud. Later this year Alfresco will be releasing software development kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android to make it even easier for mobile developers to embed Alfresco capabilities within their applications.

The recently announced Alfresco Connector for is the first enterprise cloud integration to use the new cloud API. Development teams for popular mobile applications such as Moprise and PDFPen for iPad and iPhone, in addition to cloud applications such as Filepicker, Otixo and Ephesoft have already started to adopt the new cloud Alfresco API. Additional partners include:

  • Office Squared HD for iOS by ByteSquared
  • Ephesoft
  • Coaxion for iOS by Moprise
  • PDFpen by Smile Software

“Consumerization of enterprise IT is creating a wave of web and mobile applications that rely on content interoperability across platforms such as Alfresco, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Building these applications with the right user experience and minimal engineering effort is a big challenge," said Anand Dass, co-founder and developer advocate at "By partnering with Alfresco, solves this problem for enterprise developers of content-centric business applications. With Alfresco's new release, we can take the pain out of supporting disparate cloud storage APIs, unreliable file transfers, inaccurate content conversion and inconsistent hosting infrastructure.”

“At Smile Software, we are targeting business users and enterprises with our powerful mobile apps for document editing and annotation, PDFPen for iPad and iPhone. Alfresco’s new cloud API is a perfect fit for our target market because its cloud content service was designed for business users and is focused on productivity,“ said Philip Goward, founder of Smile Software.

“We are proud to be one of the first companies to embrace the new Alfresco cloud APIs making both Ephesoft Enterprise and Ephesoft Cloud compatible with Alfresco,” said Ike Kavas, CTO of Ephesoft, Inc. “With the help of Alfresco’s technical team, Ephesoft has certified the Alfresco cloud APIs to bring the best-of-breed cloud technologies together for everyone to enjoy."

Alfresco’s open source enterprise content management (ECM) platform has been downloaded more than three million times and is popular for enterprise developers who need to build content-centric business applications. With the addition of the new cloud API, Alfresco in the cloud now opens up much of that capability to a wider audience of mobile and cloud developers who need to access enterprise content for their apps.

“As a pioneer of open standards for content management, Alfresco understands what it takes to better service developers who are building robust, content-centric applications. With our new cloud API, we enable developers to build powerful content apps in the cloud and for mobile devices,” said Jeff Potts, chief community officer at Alfresco. “We plan to rapidly extend the Alfresco cloud API, based on constructive feedback from our community, to expose even greater capabilities of the Alfresco cloud content platform.”

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