LexisNexis Introduces New Version of Concordance Native Viewer

New York - 18 October 2012

Enhanced version of application twice as fast, now includes “OCR on the Fly” capability for converting document images to text

LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of content and technology solutions, today released a new version of its Concordance® Native Viewer application that allows litigation support teams to process large quantities of electronic discovery data faster and more accurately.

Used for reviewing native documents and images associated with a Concordance database, customers can use Concordance Native Viewer to identify key documents earlier in the review process, thus avoiding costly processing fees. In real-world testing conducted by LexisNexis, the new version of the application released today – Concordance Native Viewer 1.03 – is twice as fast when importing files into the database.

“The centerpiece of this new version is an innovative ‘Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the Fly’ feature, which enables customers to immediately convert a document image – such as a scan or a PDF – to text and then assign that document to its appropriate field in the database,” said Steve Ashbacher, vice president, Concordance at LexisNexis Litigation Tools & Professional Services. “This new application addresses a common problem in which key document images are missed during the initial OCR process, forcing litigation support professionals to ask their administrators for help and then wait for the conversion of the document to text. With OCR on the Fly, litigation support professionals can handle the conversion themselves, right at their desktop.”

With Concordance Native Viewer, which was launched in July 2011, litigation professionals can view electronic documents in their original format. This allows them to obtain a contextual understanding of the document and make necessary redactions to the native view, rather than sending files through costly document processing. The application works with the traditional Concordance® e-discovery review management product for small to mid-sized litigation, in which LexisNexis continues to invest. Native Review capabilities are also part of LexisNexis Concordance® Evolution enterprise software, which is designed for large and complex cases.

“We are focused on providing customers with a portfolio of e-discovery tools so they can choose the right product for their litigation support needs, depending on the size of the case and their budget,” said Ashbacher. “We continue to invest in the development of our Concordance e-discovery review management software products in order to help our customers achieve faster reviews and a reduction in electronic document processing expenses.”

In related product news, LexisNexis also announced today the release of Concordance® 10.15, an upgrade of its traditional Concordance discovery management software product. Concordance 10.15 includes new wizards that streamline data importing and eliminate the need for performing multiple steps before loading in image files. Users can now simply choose the load file location (DAT file), the OCR documents, and the image files right from the wizard.

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