Chaikin Analytics Launches Chaikin Market Insights

Philadelphia, PA - 17 October 2012

Chaikin Analytics, creator of a suite of investment tools that empower individuals to invest like the pros, today announced the launch of Chaikin Market Insights, a weekly source of reliable stock market analysis, market perspectives and profitable investment strategies for the individual investor.

Written by Marc Chaikin , a market strategist with a 40-year track record advising successful money managers and hedge funds, Chaikin Market Insights is designed to deliver institutional-quality insight to individual investors by providing easy-to-understand stock market strategies, actionable stock swap advice, intelligent analysis, and proven analytics. Each issue is delivered weekly via email to subscribers following Friday's market close.

The proven analytics are based on the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating, an unbiased 20-factor model based on financial metrics, earnings performance, price/volume activity and expert opinions. This proprietary model distills complex data into simple ratings - green for bullish, red for bearish - so an investor can quickly find the winners and drop the losers ahead of price moves. The model has been independently back-tested and proven successful at identifying a stock's potential over the ensuing 3-6 months.

Each issue of Chaikin Market Insights includes:

  • Market Recap – Marc Chaikin 's assessment of the past week's market activity and his outlook for the week ahead.
  • "What Do I Do Now?" - Investing strategies and themes based on Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings give investors actionable advice on bullish stocks to add and bearish stocks to avoid.
  • Heads-Up - Spotlight on stocks due to report earnings in the coming week where changes in bullish or bearish Power Gauge Ratings alert investors to sell vulnerable stocks or buy stocks with upside potential ahead of earnings releases.
  • Strongest/Weakest Stocks and Industries - Highest-ranked stocks and industry groups based on Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings provide actionable information for swapping weak stocks and industry groups for strong.

"Individual investors have long wanted clear, informed and reliable investment advice to ensure they are making the most profitable decisions," said Marc Chaikin , CEO and Founder of Chaikin Analytics. "Chaikin Market Insights provides just that while going one step further, offering actionable advice on what stocks to buy or sell, based upon the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating – a proven model that allows self-directed investors to stay one step ahead of the market."

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