ASPone announces ASPone neXis at Moscow event – New managed communications services for high speed connectivity to electronic trading liquidity venues

Moscow - 17 October 2012

The new ASPone neXis product suite provides financial firms with ways to manage the many changes impacting infrastructure for low-latency electronic trading by offering a suite of managed services from network management through to application integration.

ASPone neXis builds on the company’s established capabilities in communications networks by combining a coordinated range of services for low-latency electronic trading to include colocation management, network cross-connections, monitoring and integration capability. The objective is to broaden the reach of high speed network access to global business centres, making low latency communications accessible to the whole market.

ASPone Ltd launched the new high speed infrastructure on Wednesday at a conference on Global Trends in FX eTrading held jointly with ACI Russia – the Financial Markets Association.

The event in Moscow saw presentations by the ACI, Progress Apama and ASPone to a large audience of key Russian banks interested in discussing how electronic networks are developing to improve access to FX liquidity.

Moscow is an important market and one where ASPone is already well established. Local manager Maria Fedorova says the new service fits well with the challenges facing Russian banks. “There are a lot of changes in how banking is developing, caused by forthcoming regulations, increased competition and advancing technology. ASPone neXis provides a resilient and flexible platform for banks’ network and communication layers; it will enable banks to move with the market and respond to these changes as they happen” she says.

Patrick McGrath, CEO adds “With ASPone neXis, we are demonstrating ASPone as a leading light in offering the unique combination of systems integration services with low-latency network infrastructure. Whilst we have announced ASPone neXis in Moscow, we are rolling the service out across all time zones”.

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