FiREapps Announces Trade Management and Derivative Accounting Offerings

Miami, FL - 15 October 2012

FiREapps and Hedge Trackers partner to offer best-in-class end-to-end foreign exchange exposure management, trade management and derivative accounting solutions

FiREapps, the leading provider of foreign exchange exposure management software, has introduced a new suite of capabilities that has been tested for foreign exchange trade management and derivative accounting solutions to complement its award-winning FX exposure analytics and management solutions. As a result of successful test marketing during the past several months with a select group of shared clients, FiREapps is announcing a new strategic partnership with HedgeTrackers, LLC. With this new partnership, FiREapps is leveraging Hedge Tracker’s cloud-based Capella Foreign Currency software, which provides proven solutions for FAS 133 (ASC 815) hedge accounting, trade management and reporting to extend the capabilities of the FiREapps suite of FX exposure management solutions.

“We are very excited to bring this proven suite of hedge accounting and trade management capabilities to the market,” said Wolfgang Koester, CEO of FiREapps. “We have seen a growing frustration in the market from corporate treasury departments that have been required to deal with expensive and lengthy FX hedge accounting solution implementations. Our offerings, powered by Hedge Trackers’ Capella are deployable in a mere fraction of the time and cost of the hedge accounting solutions we commonly see in the market today.”

“The partnership with FiREapps and Hedge Trackers has provided dynamic and sustainable solutions for Jabil,” said Sergio Cadavid, Vice President and Corporate Treasurer for Jabil Circuit, Inc., a user of the joint FiREapps / Hedge Tracker solution. “It has also enabled my team to enhance their partnerships with the business across Jabil and be more advisory and strategic on FX risk management.”

The combination of FiREapps and Hedge Trackers cloud-based solutions is ideally suited to help multinational corporations which are interested in automating the end-to-end process of identifying, analyzing, managing and accounting for foreign exchange exposures. Helen Kane, President of Hedge Trackers adds, “At Hedge Trackers, we are excited to partner with FiREapps to provide the corporate currency risk management market with best-in-class solutions and experience that provides the insight and controls necessary to monitor, account for and disclose both currency exposures and hedges from inception through maturity.“

At noon on Monday October 15th, representatives of FiREapps and Hedge Trackers will be showcasing the new end-to-end foreign exchange solutions at the Annual AFP Conference in Miami. During this session, FiREapps will be hosting conference attendees in its booth (#1330) who are interested in learning first-hand from members of the Jabil Circuit, Inc. treasury team about how they have used FiREapps and Capella to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their end-to-end currency exposure management program.

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