Indus Valley Partners Introduces Form PF Lite

New York - 12 October 2012

Indus Valley Partners (IVP), a leading provider of technology solutions to alternative asset managers, announced today the introduction of IVP Form PF Lite, a workflow-based regulatory filing application that automates the entire SEC Filing process for small to mid-range funds with an AUM of less than $1.5bn.

IVP Form PF Lite is specifically designed to be a cost-effective option for the annual filers of Form PF. As a hosted application, Form PF Lite provides a simplified and smaller set of templates than IVP’s full Form PF solution that is used for quarterly filings. IVP Form PF Lite can be upgraded to the mainstream Form PF application once a fund becomes a quarterly filer, with all previous filings kept intact.

“IVP Form PF Lite provides the same core functionality that supported our “first filer” clients (representing $120bn in aum) when they filed on Aug 29th. The difference is we have built a cost-efficient hosted platform engineered specifically for smaller funds with limited budgets,” said Gurvinder Singh, CEO Indus Valley Partners. “We strive to provide each of our clients, regardless of AUM, the ability to accurately and efficiently file Form PF.”

IVP Form PF Lite features include:

  • Full hosted solution requiring minimal investment
  • Summary views with the ability to drill down into relevant sections
  • Detailed glossary to help users understand SEC requirements
  • Alerts utility to ensure data integrity
  • Management and section specific reporting dashboards
  • Ability to edit and enter data as needed
  • Save, verify and approve data

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