SAGE SA launches BlackSwan Financial Platform for portfolio optimization

Lausanne, Switzerland - 11 October 2012

SAGE SA, a financial software solutions company specialising in Wealth Management, has just launched BlackSwan Financial Platform, a revolutionary new addition to its suite of Wealth Management solutions. In today’s uncertain investment environment, companies are pressed to maximize expected return while minimizing expected losses, yet no software takes into account extreme market conditions. By taking possible extreme market events into consideration, BlackSwan does exactly that, helping asset managers and family offices make sophisticated investment decisions that maximize return while minimizing risk.

BlackSwan improves on the classical mean-variance solution that many asset managers find limiting in light of the instability of the European economic and market environment. The mathematical financial algorithm that was developed specifically for BlackSwan is revolutionary because it takes into account extreme realizations, painting a more accurate picture of the market. In doing so, it allows managers to accurately measure risk in volatile markets and hence improve investment performance by actively managing shortfall and windfall allowing for better informed decisions.

BlackSwan also assists asset managers in demonstrating knowledge to clients by explaining investment choices using measurable criteria and demonstrating systematized risk-management plans. This function is available through a user-friendly, web-enabled dashboard ideal for client-facing finance professionals and family offices.

Main Benefits:

• Improves on the classical Mean-Variance solution by taking into consideration possible extreme market events

• Provides greater diversification capabilities

• Performs an optimization allowing multiple types of constraints

• Is a new and efficient risk and marketing management tool

• Improves the level of customer’s confidence in their financial institutions through an extended risk analysis

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