Nexfi Launches New Web Solution for Funds Due Diligence

11 October 2012

In an asset management industry increasingly focused on funds of funds, fund managers need to implement their own control and analysis in addition to information supplied by data providers that is proving insufficient to fully qualify a management universe.

Asset management specialist, Nexfi, has developed the i-TrackFunds offering, as an extension to its Tracker PM Portfolio Management tool. i-TrackFunds is full web application accessible from all desk and mobile browsers (iPhone, iPad etc.), that enables users to select, track and qualify funds data within a management process.

This application is designed to manage a large range of indicators, questionnaires, documents, SWOT figures, meetings and calendar events associated with asset management companies, managers and funds.

Using restriction rules, information can be input, updated and consulted remotely by company’s analysts, but also directly by the fund providers themselves in a controlled process managed by a customizable workflow.

The application can be autonomous or directly linked to Nexfi’s Portfolio Management System Tracker PM, in order to maintain immediately black and white lists, and provide to all managers the latest Due Diligence undertaken and to carry out updated risk analysis of their funds of funds.

“Built on a solid architecture integrating last technology, i-TrackFunds is a secured answer to the rising needs of our industry to collect, qualify and control information covering companies, funds and managers selected for investment. This information is increasingly requested by prospective clients in order to prove the quality of the managers' selection process, and by clients in order to justify the managers' choices” says Jean François Andro Nexfi’s Product Director.

The application can also be rolled-out for other financial instruments requiring a controlled selection process (corporate bonds, private equity etc.).

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