I.R.I.S. launches the Readiris 14: digitise, archive and share documents in the cloud

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium - 11 October 2012

A new, faster and more powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, an improved UI, functionality allowing digitised document sharing in one simple click on all main public clouds … these are just a few of the new features available with the Readiris 14, I.R.I.S.’s flagship product for Windows™ and MAC®.

I.R.I.S. (listed on EURONEXT Brussels: IRI), a leader in the “Document to Knowledge” market, presents Readiris 14™, the latest version of the world’s most used OCR software. Power, connectivity and usability are the order of the day for this new software solution.

I.R.I.S. has rebuilt its flagship software, taking into account all the new professional uses linked to document digitisation: file sharing, rendering documents public as fast as possible, and power to increase performance.

Readiris 14 is available in two versions :

• Readiris Pro 14, for private users and very small businesses

• Readiris Corporate 14, for larger companies

Bringing OCR into the digital era

Companies and individual workers are now part of a digitised world in which paper has become outdated. In order to be up to speed with the latest innovations and efficient, the digitisation of all documents has become essential for correspondence, (bills, statements, contracts, legal papers to images…) and facilitate the research of data.

New Readiris 14 features:

• An improved OCR engine for faster processing and enhanced accuracy: speeding up digitisation, regardless of the file formats scanned or produced.

• New UI: more intuitive and accessible, thanks to a new dashboard. There are also integrated shortcuts to key tools such as scanning towards Word, Excel, filing as a PDF our sending towards a mailbox.

• Automatically sharing documents to the main cloud services on the cloud (integrated connectors) such as SharePoint, DropBox, Box.net, Google Docs, Evernote, Therefore… and of course, private cloud services such as ownCloud.

• Covering up to 137 languages, Readiris™ 14 can recognise up to 5 different languages on a single document.

• Improved multi-core CPU support, which allows Readiris™ to execute a higher number of tasks at the same time. As a result, the processing speeds have been drastically improved.

• Easy Web viewing for PDF files thanks to linearised PDF files generated by Readiris, which allow for faster viewing. This feature is especially convenient when accessing documents stored on a web server.

Readiris 14 also gives MAC users a powerful 3D correction tool for digital images, helping to rectify the distortion of perspectives in visuals taken with an angle and guaranteeing excellent OCR results.

Readiris 14 - key features:

• Transformation of paper documents into editable, digital text at a click (PDF, Word®, Excel®, OpenOffice, etc.).

• Extended support of file formats: transform paper documents to a PDF, PDF/A or XPS file. Convert any PDF into editable text. (I.R.I.S. is a member of the PDF/A Competence Center)

• Create searchable PDF files up to 50 times smaller than the original images thanks to iHQC™ : Readiris™ converts any image into a coloured and compressed PDF or XPS file without compromising on image quality or PDF legibility. 4 PDF formats are available: PDF-Image, PDF-Text, PDF Text-image and PDF Image-text. Compression level varies according to Readiris™ version: Readiris™ Pro 14 compresses files by up to 5 times, whereas Readiris™ Corporate 14 compresses files by up to 50 times.

Two professional versions for all digitally-minded companies

Readiris™ Pro 14: aimed at individuals and very small businesses, this version offers all of the above features

Readiris™ Corporate 14 : targeting small businesses and larger companies, the Corporate 14 versions of Readiris 14 includes extra features such as compatibility with any professional scanner, MFP or digital copier; processing batches of documents; automatic processing of incoming documents from predefined ‘watched folders’ (e.g. from a network MFP); hyper-compression of PDF files by up to 50 times; simple, practical indexing features; conversion of business cards into electronic contacts … all are features aimed at boosting a company’s productivity.

Additional advantages of the Corporate version:

• Powerful indexing tool thanks to an “on-the-fly OCR” feature, allowing easy extraction of any data from scanned documents. This feature enables the determining of the output file locations, subfolders, as well as the file names and the addition of keywords for indexing.

• Batch OCR and document separation: separate batches of documents using barcodes or blank pages. Readiris™ automatically recognises and saves documents into specific output files.

• Watched folders: any image files placed or changed inside the watched folder will be automatically processed.

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