Interactive Data Launches Fair Value Information Services for International Fixed Income Securities

Orlando, FL - 1 October 2012

Company's Fair Value Information Services Now Cover EMEA Sovereign and Corporate Bonds

Interactive Data Corporation, a leading provider of independent evaluated pricing and valuation services, today announced the launch of its Fair Value Information Service for international corporate and sovereign bonds. Earlier this year, Interactive Data was awarded its third patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Fair-Value Pricing of a Financial Asset, which includes fair value pricing for bonds, options, futures based on equity indices, and equity ETFs.

Interactive Data’s Fair Value Information Service models are based on the statistical relationships between certain market-based factors and a variety of pricing inputs to reflect where financial instruments would likely trade if still active in a liquid market.

“While our Fair Value Information Services have evolved over the past ten years, the driving force behind our innovation has been constant – supporting our clients’ fair value pricing objectives with proven methodologies, extensive coverage and superior client service,” said Rob Haddad, director, Evaluated Services for Interactive Data. “The expansion of the Fair Value Information Services to international fixed income securities follows this trend, enabling us to offer our clients evaluations that reflect current market conditions at the time of NAV determinations. Our approach integrates our more than 30 years of experience in evaluating fixed income securities with our fair value information expertise.”

For more than ten years, mutual funds and market participants have incorporated Interactive Data’s Fair Value Information Services into their valuation procedures. These services provide information that can be used to estimate prices for global financial instruments that are no longer active in a liquid market at the time of net asset value (NAV) calculations.

Interactive Data has continued to broaden the capabilities within its Fair Value Information Services, including an expansion to four valuation points throughout the day, fair value information services for options on indices/futures, and several methodology enhancements. Looking forward, Interactive Data plans to expand Fair Value Information Services coverage to include fixed income securities in Asia and Australia.

Interactive Data also offers a Real-Time Fair Value Information Service, which provides real-time evaluated prices for more than 16,000 international equities and over 340 global equity ETFs throughout the trading day.

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