Sovereign Business Integration Group Launches EML Visual Dashboard

31 May 2012

Web-dashboard functionality to Sovereign’s Event Management Logistics (EML) solution gives the automotive logistics & supply chain industry the visibility it’s been craving

Sovereign Business Integration Group, the independent IT services and business solutions specialist, has today launched EML Visual Dashboard; a web-based dashboard view to be able to optimise vehicle management within the supply chain and logistics industry. A development of Sovereign’s Event Management Logistics (EML) solution, EML Visual Dashboard presents, in real-time, full visibility of each vehicle’s location and movement within the supply chain at any one time. This ‘live’ status of vehicle movement allows OEMs to forecast what is expected through the supply chain and more effectively manage vehicle movement from plant to dealership.

Incorporating information from the entire supply chain, EML Visual Dashboard’s visual analysis provides an overall picture of what is expected where and when, ensuring that transportation vehicles are prepared accordingly, compounds are running at the optimum capacity and dealerships can specify exact consumer expectation dates for delivery of their new vehicle. EML Visual Dashboard’s web front end is accessible via a user ID for all those involved in the supply chain and is permission-level based to determine user rights to stop, change or amend any stage of the process via the dashboard. With visuals illustrating map locations, capacity in the compound, status of each stage and alerts to potential issues or conflicts, users can plan accordingly based on the information being conveyed into once central overview.

Stuart Jones, Business Development Manager of Sovereign’s Supply Chain and Logistics Division, comments, “As it stands, it is virtually impossible for each member of the supply chain to accurately predict where their vehicles are and when they will be through the next stage of the process. The measure at the moment is guess work at best and based on predicted number of days, leaving the OEM with no way of optimising any stage of the process.” He continues, “With this is mind, the we have developed EML Visual Dashboard to provide real-time, web-based visibility of each vehicle as it is released, tracked by the VIN at each stage of its journey.”

Sovereign’s EML Visual Dashboard tracks the average 12 movements from manufacturer to dealership and alerts each party to where the vehicle is at each stage. For the OEM, knowing where each vehicle is at each stage means that each participant in the process can plan to take delivery as appropriate and not only optimise the process in terms of time, but also save costs.

Stuart Jones explains, “As alerts come through the system to notify the user as to where the vehicle is, the appropriate preparations can be put in place to ensure a smooth transition onto the next stage. For instance, instead of directing vehicles to the compound, they can be directed straight to the quayside and go on from there.

Stuart Jones concludes, “The industry is craving a tool like EML Visual Dashboard to provide the visibility to optimise each stage of the supply chain. The solution will reduce costs, reduce time, streamline the process and ultimately deliver better service to the end customer. It is quite a culture change but one that will demonstrate a reward.”

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