Analysis of near-unlimited volumes of data now possible with new distributed architecture solution from Quartet FS

Paris, London and New York - 25 May 2012

Addition of distributed architecture to ActivePivot’s in-memory analytics technology enables massive amounts of data to be aggregated ‘on the fly’ at near real-time speeds from multiple locations.

Quartet FS, the innovative provider of in-memory analytics technology has integrated distributed architecture into its ActivePivot data analytics solution. This enables ActivePivot users to process greater volumes of data, at faster rates, from any global location.

With the advent of Big Data, organisations are tasked to draw deeper insights from larger data sets in smaller time frames. Distributed architecture builds on in-memory processing to seamlessly connect multiple servers, allowing larger amounts of data to be accessed and responses to be delivered more quickly. This makes business analytics possible on a potentially unlimited scale, enhancing business agility for the end user. Each server is able to perform its own complex calculations in parallel and manage its own data, making ‘on the fly’ aggregated results a reality.

The technology is easily scalable by the end user, and can be integrated effectively into existing ActivePivot architecture. Distributed architecture makes ActivePivot even more resilient, as the possibility of server failure is mitigated due to each server’s capacity to operate independently. The decision to develop distributed architecture technology for ActivePivot came after it emerged that two thirds of Quartet FS customers were using the solution to analyse new, more complex calculations. Due to the sheer size of the data volumes in question, more processing power is needed to ensure analysis is carried out at near real-time speeds whilst supporting multi-terabyte data sets.

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