Tieto delivers IT on tap to Dina Försäkringar insurance company

24 May 2012

Swedish insurance company Dina Försäkringar extends its cooperation with Tieto for the operation of IBM iSeries and will transfer its server operations to a new, flexible IT-solution: iTAP. The new service can be described as "IT on tap", a flexible solution that allows the capacity to be adjusted according to need. The customer only pays for the power used. The new agreement is valid until January 31 2014.

iTAP is a cloud service that Tieto has developed for users of the IBM i-platform. The major advantage with iTAP is its flexibility and implies that IBM customers for the first time can control their server capacity and only pay for the power used. The customer may, at any time, turn the capacity up or down and have the new level delivered within 2 hours. The solution is completely virtual and is based on the latest IBM technology, something that gives iTAP a great advantage from an environmental point of view, since the hardware is used up to 20 times more efficiently than the average for a physical server.

"Five years ago, technology set the boundaries. Today technology has caught up on, and even outrun, us. The boundaries are removed, iTAP is all about what you use, not what you own," says Jimi Inge, Product Manager at Tieto.

"Our view is that this type of new business model is the future for our customers.

'Pay-as-you-go' and purchasing services provide benefits for our customers and enhances the effects directly. We are happy that our innovative collaboration with IBM is in demand," says Alexandra Fürst, Head of Tieto Financial Services.

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