Sumerian Stands out in the Crowd as “Little British Battler” in TechMarketView Report

London and New York - 21 May 2012

Sumerian, a provider of big data analytics to some of the world’s most innovative companies, was highlighted in TechMarketView’s first report in its “Little British Battlers” series. Sumerian has been identified by TechMarketView as a UK-owned technology company that brings value-add, innovative data analytics services to the IT market.

The report, authored by Phil Codling, Angela Eager, Anthony Miller, John O’Brien, Georgina O’Toole and Tola Sargeant, outlines the team’s views on Sumerian’s market proposition and strategy. It highlights Sumerian’s emphasis on using IT analytics to provide business-level insight and recommendations, stating, “The company demonstrates the value of analytics in IT operations, with a direct link to business-side implications.” The report further notes that Sumerian’s “emphasis on the business outcomes will resonate with C-level executives who are increasingly involved in approving [IT] purchases.”

The full piece delves into the future of the analytics market, noting that “analytics is one of the growth markets in the enterprise software space.” Sumerian, the report says, “has proven [analytics] capability and a set of customer-generated metrics to illustrate the value it can bring.” It continues by highlighting Sumerian’s more than 10 years of analytics expertise. “Analytics is a long way from becoming a commodity so expertise in applying analytics and interpreting outcomes will count for a long time yet.”

Finally, the report highlights how Sumerian’s analytics provides its clients visibility into IT. “We believe the combination of Sumerian’s data capture, and predictive ‘what if’ capabilities, are the core of its value proposition. They minimize enterprises’ business risk by providing a fact-based framework for decision-making, plus insight into likely consequences.” This, combined with the company’s “bank of [data science] experts,” means Sumerian can deliver actionable intelligence that contributes real value to the business.

“Sumerian uses data analytics to help companies capitalize on their IT investments. By using predictive analytics, companies can ensure they are deploying IT resources to their maximum advantage while, at the same, time reducing costs,” said Bryan Clark, CEO, Sumerian. “It is gratifying to have our expertise, business model and the value we provide to our clients recognized and validated by TechMarketView.”

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