RevenueExpress® goes Virtual

Lanham, MD - 28 March 2012

ImageScan Inc., the U.S.-based, leading software solutions provider for accounts receivables management and transactional content unification, announced today that RevenueExpress, ImageScan’s 5010 compliant healthcare revenue cycle management solution, is now successfully deployed in a fully virtual customer environment.

“Virtualization addresses many problems common in customer sites,” said Hanna Jabbour, Senior Product Manager of RevenueExpress for ImageScan. “Complex issues such as rising real estate costs, high power consumption and ongoing maintenance expenditures all play leading roles in companies’ purchasing decisions. Virtualization helps customers meet these issues head on, while greatly simplifying hardware procurement. Customers can react to volume scalability at a lower cost and in a timelier fashion.”

Configured with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, every workstation and server for RevenueExpress runs in a 64-bit virtual environment utilizing VMware vSphere, the industry’s leading virtualization platform. This virtual environment of RevenueExpress boasts a reduced infrastructure footprint, delivers high availability, and demonstrates quicker recovery times, proving to be more attractive than its standard physical hardware implementation.

“Operating ImageScan’s RevenueExpress in a virtual environment enables us to offer EOB conversion services with greater efficiency at lower costs to our customers,” stated Chuck Ramsburg, Vice President of Healthcare Services for MetaSource LLC. “This virtual environment is instrumental for supporting our rapid growth within medical banking services.”

MetaSource is a leading business process outsourcer (BPO) of back office services, and offers RevenueExpress to hospitals/providers, medical billing services, and financial institutions that process medical billings on behalf of their clients. ImageScan is proud to work with MetaSource on this project, and excited to participate with the company as its vision for medical banking services continues to expand.

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