Leading Banks in More Than Ten European Countries Turn to Euronet for the Provision of Value Added Services in 2011

Leawood, KS - 20 March 2012

Euronet Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), a leading payments provider and Independent ATM Deployer (IAD) in Europe, announces contracts for a wide range of ATM and POS Value Added Services (VAS) with leading financial institutions across more than ten European Countries.

Comprised of numerous innovative products for both ATM and POS touch points, Euronet's value added services have been deployed on Euronet's IAD networks and deployed or contracted for banks’ ATM and POS networks. These services include:

  • Bill Payment
  • Domestic Money Transfer
  • Cardless Money Transfer Payout
  • Promotional Payout
  • Currency Conversion
  • ATM Advertising
  • Coupons Dispensed with Cash
  • Contactless Card Acceptance
  • Mobile Top-Up
  • POS Cash-Back
  • Mobile Funds Transfer
  • ATM Instant Loans Services

Some services are deployed across multiple markets while others are market-specific, pointing to Euronet's flexibility to provide customized niche products as well as off-the-shelf solutions which are fast-to-market and easy to leverage.

“In 2011 we were successful in engaging banks to utilize their ATM and Point of Sale (POS) networks as revenue generating channels. Our extensive value added service offerings allow banks to tailor the services to the specific needs of their customers. Euronet’s contracts across multiple markets for a wide variety of our products show that banks want to utilize their ATM and POS channels as a growth driver,’’ stated Nikos Fountas, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Europe EFT Processing Segment.

Most value added service agreements span three or more years and are contracted with an array of multinational financial institutions and local banks. Highlights from Euronet’s value added service portfolio include:

Bill payment provides bank customers the ability to pay bills at ATMs and POS terminals. Euronet has implemented or is implementing this service for Raiffeisen Bank in Romania; Citibank in Slovakia; Komercijalna Bank and Credit Agricole in Serbia; and Hipotekarna Bank in Montenegro.

Euronet’s mobile top-up solution allows bank customers to recharge their prepaid mobile phone at an ATM or POS terminal, making a top-up more convenient for the customer. Raiffeisen Bank in Romania; Citibank in Slovakia; Raiffeisen Bank and Splitska Bank Societe Generale in Croatia; Komercijalna Bank and Raiffeisen Banks in Serbia; and Hipotekarna Bank in Montenegro have all implemented or are implementing this product. In addition, an agreement for mobile top-up on POS terminals has been signed in the Czech Republic with Vodafone and will be implemented through contracts with banks and merchants. Finally, mobile top-up has been deployed on Euronet’s IAD in Romania.

Euronet’s currency conversion solution allows ATM and POS customers to choose to complete their transactions in their home currency, enabling consumers the transparency of knowing the precise currency exchange rates up-front. This solution has been implemented on Euronet’s IAD networks in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Croatia and Ukraine. This solution is also live, or being implemented, with several Euronet customer banks and financial institutions, including Raiffeisen Bank and BCR in Romania; Tatra Banka in Slovakia; Citibank and International Currency Exchange (ICE) in the Czech Republic; Piraeus Bank and Citibank in Greece; Raiffeisen Bank in Croatia; Komercijalna, Raiffeisen and Credit Agricole Banks in Serbia; Citibank and Budapest Bank (member of GE Capital) in Hungary; and UniCredit Bank in Ukraine.

Euronet’s ATM advertising solutions are deployed across Euronet’s IAD networks for third-party advertising clients, including banks and mobile operators, amongst other industry sectors. The scope of advertising offerings includes both video and static on-screen ads as well as receipt advertising.

Euronet also provides the ability to dispense coupons together with cash, a service which has been implemented for customers in several countries, for a variety of sectors, including mobile, consumer electronics and fast moving consumer goods, which include grocery stores, fast food chains, etc.

In addition to the value added services mentioned above which are available across multiple Euronet markets, Euronet has also deployed market-specific solutions, including money transfer and promotional payout in Poland, contactless card acceptance in Germany and Slovakia, and POS cash-back in Slovakia. Euronet has also added ATM instant loan capability to its portfolio of offerings and signed a contract for the deployment of this solution in Poland.

“ATMs are no longer just for cash withdrawal,” stated Michael Brown, Euronet’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Euronet’s products are flexible and quick-to-market, making Euronet the perfect partner for banks and financial institutions wanting to reduce costs while significantly increasing the value they provide to their customers.”

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