Avelo Poll Finds Advisers Remain Bullish on Buy-to-let

15 March 2012

A survey of Avelo Exchange Portal users in February 2012 has found that advisers remain upbeat on Buy-to-Let (BTL) mortgages, with half (51%) of those surveyed considering it a consistently viable investment opportunity. This is an increase of one in ten (10%) from just under half (40%) of advisers who were confident in this form of investment six months ago (in September 2011).

One quarter of respondents (25%) felt improving rental yields were spurring them to revisit the BTL sector again, compared to over a third (36%) of respondents, when asked the same question in 2011.

However, respondents who did not feel BTL is currently a viable option were more cautious than before. Just over one in 10 (13%) said the potential returns were not worth the associated risks, compared to one in 20 (6%) surveyed in September 2011.

Henry Woodcock, Principal Mortgage Consultant, Avelo said: “The Buy-to-Let market continues to be an area of interest, with new players entering and many people continuing to see it as a viable option for investors, a view certainly shared by the respondents in our poll.

“The credit crunch continues to impact consumer trust in financial services and BTL is perhaps sometimes viewed as a safer and more transparent form of investment. Buy-to-Let will always be an option to consider for the right investor, however, it is vital that every aspect of this type of investment is fully evaluated and understood before making the commitment.”

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