Pailton Engineering Drives Growth and Competitiveness with Infor

Farnborough, UK - 7 June 2012

Automotive Parts Manufacturer Set for Rapid Business Transformation with Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine)

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that automotive parts manufacturer Pailton Engineering has invested in Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine). The application will help Pailton to drive significant process improvement with an emphasis on speed, improve competitiveness and enhance customer service through more accurate delivery and costing information. Additionally, ERP Business will help deliver tighter, more integrated workflows across Pailton’s business, cutting manufacturing costs.

Family owned, Coventry-based, Pailton Engineering, a custom designed steering systems and components manufacturer, is set to double its size over the next four years as part of a strategy of aggressive growth.

ERP Business replaces a DOS-based, customised Sage MRP system that restricted growth at Pailton due to a lack of cross-application integration. This led to isolated, labour-intensive workflows and a lack of confidence in the information available.

At present, delivery times and cost estimates often contain an additional period of time or amount of money for contingencies, damaging Pailton’s competitiveness. ERP Business will help Pailton be more confident about its project estimations, including delivery times and costing. This will help enhance customer service. Pailton also anticipates a reduction in excess inventory and work in progress that is currently held as a buffer against uncertainties.

ERP Business will help accelerate reports and deliver faster, better quality information. For example, sales reports that took a day and a half to prepare will now be produced in seconds.

ERP Business will also enable greater insight into investment and financial control as purchase orders will need to be signed off.

ERP Business will initially be rolled out at the main manufacturing site in Coventry, UK and then extended to subsidiary companies in the US and Germany.

“This is very much an evolution from MRP to a complete ERP system,” said Howard Ward, financial director, Pailton. “Every corner you turn with Infor ERP Business produces an added bonus. We are now putting in place an ERP system that will enable Pailton to act like the global business it is and compete aggressively to drive growth.”

“Future plans include exploring Infor10 ION to integrate systems at our various locations and so increase our return on investment even further.”

“Engineering companies such as Pailton have a core business of machining and assembling small batches of heavy duty product,” said Kevin Piotrowski, director, industry strategy, automotive, Infor. “They serve diverse customer bases and have to be incredibly agile. Infor10 ERP Business offers the industry-specific capabilities that companies like Pailton need.”

“Recent research from IDC Manufacturing Insights has shown that improving customer orientation and improving the productivity and flexibility of manufacturing operations are key strategies for manufacturers in the automotive sector. This demands ERP systems that have a keen functional fit to the industry. Pailton is looking to capitalise on the capabilities of ERP Business to deliver critical, accurate information to the business to boost competitiveness and drive growth.”

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