Eximbills and Customer Enterprise add support for RSA Adaptive Authentication

6 June 2012

China Systems has included risk-based authentication support in its flagship products Eximbills Enterprise version 2.0 and Customer Enterprise version 2.7, for RSA® Adaptive Authentication from RSA, The Security Division of EMC.

RSA Adaptive Authentication is powered by the RSA Risk Engine, a system designed to measure a series of risk indicators behind-the-scenes to assure user identities. The majority of logins are “invisibly” authenticated. This transparent authentication supports a superior user experience as users are only challenged in the highest risk scenarios—or when an institutional policy has been violated. In addition, risk-based authentication is self-learning and constantly improving detection accuracy. China Systems is offering customers another security layer to its solutions with the optional inclusion of RSA Adaptive Authentication. Multi-factor authentication is today an essential component of any security infrastructure, as China Systems Enterprise Architecture Director, Pedro Ramos explains, “We are seeing strong demand for a solid and yet flexible security infrastructure, both for Bank/Intranet facing and Corporate/Internet facing products. By supporting out-of-the-box integration with RSA Adaptive Authentication I feel we are providing just that, either on-premise or as software-as-a-service (SaaS), our customers can choose what best fits their needs and integrate it seamlessly with their infrastructure and our products.”

Eximbills Enterprise and Customer Enterprise currently support a number of different authentication mechanisms, such as form authentication, PKI, challenge/response tokens and others. With RSA Adaptive Authentication, users have another choice of risk-based authentication leveraging out-of-band authentication including phone, email, SMS and Fax.

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