Banco Ficohsa selects TestCloud™ from Validata Group for end-to-end automated testing

6 June 2012

Validata Group, the leading provider of Validata SAS, the first truly integrated Automation Lifecycle Management solution for the Banking and Finance Sector, announced today that it has been selected by Banco Ficohsa to provide TestCloud™, managed services model to help deliver on end-to-end automated testing for its upcoming projects, focusing on using Validata initially for the implementation of their core banking.

TestCloud™ is a cloud-based managed testing service for T24; an important transition and a paradigm shift in testing solutions delivery. One that promises large gains and efficiency and flexibility, at a time when demands on project implementations are growing exponentially.

It enables customers to move away from unstable environments, limited centralized governance and high costs of quality, and establish their own test environment in the cloud leveraging Validata SAS automated solution and pre-built Model Bank Testing Accelerators, providing wide coverage of all main banking functions and leveraging standard T24 Business Workflows and ready-to use-test data. That only can reduce test effort by a factor of as much as ten to one.

This unique model and differentiated services optimize IT resources, reduce hardware and license costs and enable customers to shift from a CAPEX to OPEX model to free capital for more strategic investments.

TestCloud™ is powered by Validata SAS, a central suite for integrated tools, agnostic of any platform, database, UI and APIs, designed to validate Core Banking systems, aligns testing to business requirements and/or processes whilst improving productivity and automation coverage, and achieves reduced test cycle times in all phases of testing.

It enables end-to-end testing from front office applications with Desktop, Web and mobile user interfaces to backend processes and operations, and integrates with both Business and IT tools and repositories without taking customers to rigid platforms, and providing end-to-end traceability, dashboards and reporting.

Validata SAS is a new breed of test automation tool that transforms the economics of test automation, and manual testing is now clearly the expensive, ineffective alternative.

Gary Rhodes, Director of Validata Group said, “Grupo Ficohsa has taken a very strategic view on testing and we’re delighted that they have selected Validata Group as a partner to help deliver in that area. TestCloud™ is unique to the industry. It draws together world class services, a fully integrated ALM platform, pre-built testing accelerators and best practices. It allows testing to get started instantly, enhancing operational efficiency and faster time-to-value.”

Melissa Lanza, Vice President HELIOS Project from Banco Ficohsa, said: “We chose Validata Group to support us in the T24 Testing phase based on its rich functionality, superior technology and tight integration with T24. Its pre-built testing processes and workflows and domain knowledge meant that we can accelerate our testing procedure, and streamline internal testing processes. Overall, we believe our partnership with Validata Group will deliver real quality assurance and value back into the business.”

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