StatPro Launches Portfolio Aggregation Service

27 June 2012

Creation of ‘superportfolios’ improves overall portfolio analysis

StatPro Group plc, a global leader in portfolio analytics, today announces the launch of a new portfolio aggregation service for pension funds of all sizes, within StatPro Revolution, a cloud based portfolio analytics service.

Justin Wheatley, Group Chief Executive, StatPro, states, “Pension fund trustees need to keep a watchful eye on the performance and risk of their plan members’ money. Lack of aggregate-level oversight may lead to the emergence of undesired accumulation of holdings in one sector or security, under-diversification and disappointing returns. It is therefore vital that pension fund trustees have access to the type of tools that allow them to see and analyse their entire plan in an intuitive and customisable manner.”

He continues: “StatPro Revolution makes communication easy by using cloud technology. Fund administrators supply the portfolio mandate data and StatPro Revolution automates the rest. The pension fund trustees and their pension consultant advisors can access the analysis from anywhere on a daily basis. This enhanced briefing and analysis will help consultants and trustees make better decisions for the long term future of the money entrusted to them.”

The service has been specifically designed to help pension funds get a better idea of their overall position and exposure broken down by sector, mandate, manager, or other, fully customizable measures. What is unique about portfolio aggregation is that while it sums the positions of all constituent holdings, it retains the initial breakdown by constituent portfolios, rather than just net the positions. The new level of analysis can reveal previously unseen patterns, gross exposures to sectors or individual securities and any weaknesses in the portfolio extremely easily.

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