e-AMIS from the Profidata Group in operation at DC Bank

Urdorf, Switzerland - 27 June 2012

The DC Bank Deposito-Cassa of the city of Bern has decided to implement the e-AMIS wealth management system. With a system change to the new software the venerable Bernese establishment plans to extend its asset management and establish a secure basis for the future.

Databases were successfully migrated and e-AMIS put into operation at the beginning of this year. Currently, the DC Bank is primarily using the core functions of asset/risk/performance analysis and client reporting. Portfolio holdings are also checked for active and passive limit violations. A second phase is planned during which the customer service process will be implemented and investment and regrouping suggestions created. The order workflow will also be completely integrated via a bi-directional interface into the IBIS3G core banking system at the HP banking service centre in Bern.

Regarding the implementation of e-AMIS, Roberto Longoni, project manager at DC Bank said: "e-AMIS is a modern and efficient system solution for asset management capable of growing alongside our growing needs and demands. Both the product itself and the expertise and cooperative partnership shown ensured that we were confident about Profidata from the beginning."

Christian Widmer, CEO and chairman of the Profidata Group administrative board, believes that e-AMIS is an established and stable system allowing financial service providers to rapidly increase the efficiency of their operational procedures in asset management. The DC Bank is thereby able to exploit considerable potential regarding the optimal implementation of investment decisions requiring extensive customer consulting.

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