Cybercrime attack steals $75m from bank accounts

27 June 2012

A cybercrime raid has resulted in some €60 million ($75 million) being stolen from a wide range of bank accounts across the world, a new report has revealed.

According to a study published by McAfee and Guardian Analytics today (27 June), fraudsters have targeted more than 60 financiers across the world by hacking into their computer systems.

The research - entitled Operation High Roller - noted the extent of the fraud indicates that the criminals had an intricate understanding of the firms' operations.

Companies affected by this scam include credit unions as well as regional banks and multinational corporations, with the hackers tending to deposit the stolen cash in instalments of around €100,000 in mule accounts.

Sam Kiley, defence and security editor at Sky News, noted organizations in Britain, the US and South America had been targeted.

"There are dozens of servers still grinding away at this fraud - in effect stealing money," he warned.

By Claire Archer

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