Red Hat Helps Customers Build Intelligent, Integrated Enterprises With New Version of JBoss Enterprise Business Rules Management System

Boston MA and Raleigh, NC - 26 June 2012

JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 Provides a Comprehensive Platform for Business Rules, Processes and Complex Event Processing

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, have announced significant new capabilities to its Enterprise Business Rules Management System (BRMS) solution designed to accelerate organizations' efforts in building intelligent, integrated enterprises.

“Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations”
The new version, JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3, is a comprehensive platform for the development and automation of business processes, including integrated support for Business Rules Management, Business Process Management (BPM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP). It enables full automation of mission-critical procedures and policies and real-time detection and response to business events. JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 is a leading open source solution that builds upon the innovation of the Drools and jBPM communities to deliver intelligent business process and decision automation to large and small enterprises around the world. Part of Red Hat’s integration platform, JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 integrates with the company’s recently announced JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 and JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3, adding business process automation and intelligent decision and event processing to applications running on those solutions.

JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 includes the “situationally-aware” active decision making the solution is known for, and improves upon it with several new features, including:

BPM – JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 introduces the new BPM capabilities of jBPM 5, a flexible, Java-based workflow engine that greatly improves visibility and agility of business logic. jBPM 5 supports the lifecycle of the business process, from authoring through execution to monitoring and management. In addition, JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 supports the Business Process Modeling Notation 2.0 (BPMN2) standard. It features standards-based business process modelling and execution capabilities and smooth integration with business rules via a powerful BPMN2 engine.

Enhanced business user interface – JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3's improved ease-of-use allows the solution to be used by professionals of varying technical ability, enabling enhanced collaboration between business and IT professionals.

JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 is available now.

Craig Muzilla, vice president and general manager, Middleware, Red Hat; “The ability to execute business rules, processes and complex events is the cornerstone to building a highly-intelligent, well-integrated enterprise. JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.3 drives our customers toward this goal by helping them become more intelligent and agile. It includes a powerful combination of features that, together with our affordable subscription model, offer an enormous amount of business value.”

Maureen Fleming, vice president, BPM and middleware research programs, IDC; “Enterprises are better able to speed up their business cycles and operate more consistently with less risk when they improve their overall ability to manage decisions. Combining BPM software, rules and complex event processing provides a way for businesses to rapidly identify the need for decisions and knowledge workers with the workspace and information to individually and collaboratively respond.”

Joe Dickman, senior vice president, Vizuri; “JBoss Enterprise BRMS delivers exceptional value to our clients by fully empowering them to manage their business rules. It promotes synergy between IT and business units by separating complex business rules from applications and presenting them in a language conducive to business users. The result is better visibility into the rules that govern critical business applications, leading to shorter development cycles and faster time-to-market.”

Anthony Costa, vice president, global technology and customer service, INTTRA; “JBoss Enterprise BRMS is key to helping us better manage the processes and data we use to provide services to our large ocean freight network. Its integrated process, rules and event capabilities have enabled us to automate our system's decision-making and manage complex events effectively. Our business users are able to manage rules directly and make changes quickly as needed. Compared to alternatives, JBoss Enterprise BRMS offers the best features to suit our needs, as well as a very attractive subscription approach.”

Nick Dabner, business solutions manager, Contract Logistics at Toll Global Logistics; “JBoss Enterprise BRMS offered us superior business rules capabilities at a fraction of the upfront cost of alternative solutions. The rules engine is solid, lightweight and provides first-class support for rules, events and processes within a single environment. Red Hat's pre-sales service and ongoing support services have been a key component in delivering the innovative solutions demanded by the business and have been extremely supportive throughout the journey from the Drools community releases to a fully supported BRMS platform.”

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