Record Breaking & Unmatched Results of ICS BANKS® Application from ICSFS Performance Benchmark on IBM Power Systems

Montpellier, France - 26 June 2012

ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, today announced unmatched results of a performance benchmark for ICS BANKS® solution on IBM Power 750 - 32 POWER7® cores and IBM Power 780 - 96 POWER7® cores servers using PowerVM™ virtualization technology.

Performed in May 2012, at the IBM PSSC Montpellier Customer Centre in France, the Benchmark revealed high performance scalability of ICS BANKS®, generating tier 1 and tier 2 universal banking activity volumes of 100 million accounts, 2,000 branches and more than 30,000 users. With simulating more than 30,000 concurrent users, a throughput of 14,700 financial transactions per second was achieved for duration of 35 minutes. A throughput of 51,431 transactions per second was sustained during a period of 30 minutes for ATM and Internet Banking activities. End of Month Capitalisation batch achieved an unmatched throughput of 401,606 interest accounts processed per second.

This performance benchmark reflects ICS BANKS® high scalability and agility of providing high levels of operational efficiency, meeting end users ever-changing demands and evolving business requirements, and delivering powerful banking solutions designed for use by the world’s largest banks. Sustaining amazing and unmatched throughput for both online and batch processing while still ensuring efficient service delivery without any loss of speed or quality of service is the highest achieved today as no publicly available benchmark is known to provide higher performance for this kind of benchmark.

Managing Director of ICSFS; Mr. Robert Hazboun commented on this milestone, “As can be seen from the above unmatched results, ICS BANKS® proved once again its robustness, scalability, efficiency and low total cost of ownership. This is achieved as ICS BANKS® uses and utilizes the latest technology available in the market in addition to its solid architecture. This also proves that ICS BANKS® is a winning solution not only for banks and financial institutions of Tier2 & Tier3 but also Tier1.” Hazboun added, “Our unmatched results reinforce our ICS BANKS® high flexibility and scalability, enhanced efficiency, and latest innovative technologies. For this reason, banks and financial institutions choose ICSFS’ solutions amongst many international banking software providers.”

Executive Director for Business Development of ICSFS; Mr. Wael Malkawi stated, “We believe that the significant challenges facing banks today, of which the higher capital requirements are squeezing margins tighter than ever before, thus there is a need for higher cost efficiency. Investing in a solid technology as ICS BANKS® will help in achieving the enhanced productivity and in return a reduced cost for organization success. With these results we demonstrate powerful software which addresses these requirements by delivering high end scalability, robustness with a lower cost of ownership.”

Executive Director for Research & Development of ICSFS; Mr. Tariq Saffarini commented, “The benchmarking was done successfully on IBM POWER7® servers and revealed unmatched results that today no publicly available benchmark is known to provide higher performance especially for end of day. ICS BANKS® was able to inject More than 30,000 Concurrent users performing financial transactions, variety of transactions made cover all type of banking and financial business transactions over one IBM POWER 780 server equipped with virtual network adapters and one IBM Power 750. The tests demonstrated perfect stability of the CPU activity overall throughput along the test that reflected an excellent behaviour of ICS BANKS® application. The overall results showed that for the reached numbers, ICS BANKS® didn’t consume more than 15% of the CPU and 75% of the memory allocated.”

ICS BANKS® provides a complete suite of banking business modules with a rich sweep of functionality and features, addressing business needs and automating accounting processes, as needed, to improve a bank’s business performance. ICS BANKS® has always been a pioneer in utilizing the latest technology to serve financial institutions.

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