Pico Quantitative Trading Deploys Corvil to Drive High Performance for Multi-Asset Clients

25 June 2012

Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for global financial markets, today announced that Pico Quantitative Trading, an agency-only broker that specializes in providing services to multi-asset electronic trading clients, has deployed the CorvilNet Latency Management System. The solution is used to provide highly granular insight into market data quality and client transaction flow for Pico Quantitative Trading's managed trading solution.

"With the growing sophistication of our clients, we need increased granularity into our environment for market data and order entry latencies. After extensive research, we chose Corvil's industry-leading out-of-the-box solution to decode exchange protocols and offer an environment for us to analyze our proprietary high-speed binary message stream", said Sonny Baillargeon, CTO, Pico Quantitative Trading, "Corvil will provide greater transparency and allow us to deliver latency metrics across our extensive data center footprint"

The CorvilNet platform provides Pico Quantitative Trading with an integrated view of performance across its trading systems. Primarily CorvilNet is used to monitor real-time market data gap detection, market data order-to-tick latency and bandwidth utilization for order routing connectivity.

Corvil's Latency Navigator, a customizable dashboard system, is used to provide at-a-glance web access to key performance metrics, including microbursts, alerts for TCP retransmissions, and inbound and outbound message rates. Pico Quantitative Trading analyzes this key data and provides its customers with information that is critical to their trading strategies.

"Pico Quantitative Trading is committed to providing clients with the lowest possible latency and highest throughput on a consistent basis through their managed trading solution. We are delighted that Corvil has been selected to ensure that they meet their objective of the highest standards of performance and transparency," said Donal Byrne, CEO Corvil.

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