Agile Enterprise Architecture eBook Available from MEGA

Boston, Ma - 25 June 2012

Best practices advice on developing more efficient EA programs

MEGA, noted industry leader in enterprise architecture (EA) has issued an eBook, 5 Keys to Agile EA, to help organizations develop and deploy an efficient, effective, and economical EA program. Using Agile EA adapted to a company’s specific environment and priorities can accelerate the EA program’s return on investment.

The eBook explains, in detail, five specific steps that are related to goals, framework, visualization, central repository, and governance, and will lead to Agile EA. Each step provides guidance on how to create success with EA.

For example, the first step – goals – discusses the need to define the future state of the EA, integrate corporate strategy, and make sure it can provide answers for all stakeholders across the company.

We work with many different types of organizations worldwide. We have found that by helping them use the best practices developed over time in our industry, that these companies have a more comprehensive blueprint with which to manage and grow their business, and are, ultimately, the most successful,” explained Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA. “This eBook summarizes some of these important best practices to help guide them to a more profitable future.”

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