Gigamon Partners With Velocimetrics to Increase Visibility In Exchange Trading Environments

Reading, UK - 20 June 2012

Company continues to expand visibility fabric ecosystem partners

Gigamon®, a leader in traffic visibility solutions, today announced that it has partnered with Velocimetrics to create a solution which analyses business flows including market data, prices, quotes and trades resulting in the delivery of real time transaction analysis to the infrastructure operator. Through this relationship, Gigamon further extends the value of its patented Traffic Visibility Fabric™ that delivers powerful, pervasive and intelligent visibility to traffic, helping operate, maintain, secure and optimise IT infrastructure and environments.

Velocimetrics is now part of Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric Ecosystem Partners, which includes companies and organisations that are committed to making network traffic more visible and the analytics, management and monitoring of the network more intelligent, efficient and versatile for IT and business leaders.

“Gigamon is thrilled to work with Velocimetrics due to its wealth of experience and their strong reputation in the ‘low latency’ financial world,” said Tara Reeve, director of strategic alliances at Gigamon. “By utilising Gigamon’s intelligent Traffic Visibility Fabric and nanosecond accurate timestamp capability, Velocimetrics is now able to provide traders and trade desk managers with accurate latency, real time alerting and seamless network visibility. This programme allows us to provide high traffic IT environments with reliable world class solutions.”

A variety of systems are deployed throughout the financial trading infrastructure to provide visibility of the traffic traversing the network. However these systems are only as effective as the traffic and communications they can see.

“Timestamp resolution and accuracy are fundamental to Velocimetrics’ real time business flow analysis capabilities. By working with Gigamon and integrating with their Traffic Visibility Fabric technology we are able to capture timings closer to the source than we ever have. This provides our clients with a more accurate analysis of their system performance,” said Steve Colwill, chief architect and CEO of Velocimetrics.

Velocimetrics will now leverage Gigamon’s Traffic Visibility Fabric and collect traffic from complex trading environments to provide real time analysis of each transaction. The business flows are then correlated and associated with each other to provide a complete ‘tick to trade’ view with comprehensive performance data for every transaction. At the heart of the combined solution is the Gigamon Visibility Fabric that provides intelligent traffic selection and forwarding to:

  • deliver pervasive visibility of the millions of flows, thousands of events and hundreds of changes that occur within the increasingly complex IT infrastructure in real time;
  • prioritise critical traffic flows over nonessential ones, one application over another, and optimise packet information;
  • provide visibility across physical and virtual borders; and
  • provide the clarity and visibility that is crucial to secure, operate and optimise IT services and applications.

Through this relationship, Velocimetrics is able to provide a new approach to the presentation of real time business flow analytics within exchange trading environments. By utilising Gigamon’s timestamp functionality, Velocimetrics can calculate and display trading data, accurate latency and real time alerting in a customisable console to create real time performance dashboards for trading environments. Logical views of the trading environment are created automatically, and heat chart colours are used to highlight the cause of any increase in latency allowing infrastructure operations teams to understand where the issue occurred. This provides architects, application developers, system administrators, network operators, business heads and trade desk managers the confidence and peace of mind that trades are not being impacted by latency issues.

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