Sun Street Launches Curium Version 2

19 June 2012

Sun Street Limited, the data management technology company, today announced the launch of the second major version of Curium, its innovative Data Quality Management application.

The first version of Curium introduced a unique approach to Data Quality Management by providing a best of breed application for Operations users that could be implemented over any existing data architecture. It provided an advanced exception detection engine, a functionally rich workflow application and a comprehensive data visualisation capability. Data problems could be found, managed and investigated in an environment specifically designed for the job. With Curium Version 2 the job just got easier with the introduction of the Data Amendments module.

Mat King, Professional Services Director at Sun Street, explained the business reasoning behind the new module: “While the first version of Curium provided a great tool for finding issues and determining the causes and required resolution, the actual corrections would have to be made elsewhere in the architecture – sometimes in multiple systems. The new Data Amendments module closes the loop by allowing users to issue corrections directly within Curium. Not only does this make Curium a ‘one stop shop’ for data management staff but the corrections are stored and fully audited allowing full analysis of both current live amendments and the full amendment history across all systems, all in one place.”

Adam Saunders, Product Director at Sun Street, expanded on the new module’s features: “The Data Amendments module has been designed to make corrections easy yet fully controlled. Drag and drop of values from any data source, drop down lists, calendar entry functions and the like all make amendment entry as user friendly as possible. In addition, instant validation checks, ‘four eyes’ and supervisor release controls are all available and can be specified at individual attribute level. Coupled with a complete and easily accessed audit trail, this makes the whole process very easy to regulate.”

The Data Amendments module handles all the User Interface requirements and live and historic records of the correction process and provides an interface that is used to effect corrections across the architecture via event driven or polling processes. Once corrections are no longer required (as the source data moves to the correct value) they can be remotely expired.

“One of the features of the module is the Management Information that it provides over the corrections required throughout the architecture,” adds King. “Typically firms have no visibility over the scale of internally applied corrections active in their systems, let alone any ability to analyse changes to these over time. Curium Version 2 gives them that visibility and, as with the system’s other functions, can do this regardless of the underlying architecture.”

Curium brings a new approach to meeting the challenges of ensuring data quality by adding advanced data management capabilities without the need to replace existing data processing and technical platforms.

Curium delivers on four key areas for data quality management:

  • Exception detection - Quick and easy to use point and click environment for the configuration and detection of all common data validation issues without the need to ‘code’ the tests.
  • Exception management workflow - End user application to allow data operations staff within the business to monitor and manage data exceptions and user queries from inception through to resolution.
  • Data visualisation - Configurable data exploration tools for analysing and researching the underlying business data across sources, targets and master data.
  • Management information and reporting - Comprehensive root cause analysis supports informed management of internal and external data providers and operational processes throughout the data supply chain.

And now, with Version 2:

  • Data amendments - Easy drag and drop initiation of data corrections to any target system with full audit allowing current and historic analysis of the changes your Data Management team are forced to make.

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