Natural Security aims to make Passwords a thing of the past with Contemporary Authentication for an Online World

London - 1 June 2012

With companies spending nearly $1million per annum on resetting passwords Natural Security wants passwords consigned to the history books.

European based authentication technology specialist Natural Security is aiming to make passwords a thing of the past with the unveiling of their latest biometric product.

The Natural Security device easily plugs into a computer and effectively removes the need for passwords replacing them with a biometric method, such as a finger-tip, for accessing secure information.

Cedric Hozanne, CEO of Natural Security, comments: “Computer and online access is predominantly reliant on passwords. The average online user has 40 personal or professional accounts, each with an alphanumeric password to ensure personal and corporate security. The Natural Security biometric reader replaces this clutter of passwords with one consolidated secure solution that guarantees the same security as a combination of letters and numbers.”

The best passwords are made up of upper case, lower case, number, and symbol characters. However even the best passwords rely on a system that stores that password information, information which if stolen, for example by a hacker, could compromise other security features. The Natural Security device removes the need for a database of security information as the personal device stores the unique information of the intended user making it redundant if stolen.

The Natural Security reader can easily be used to replace passwords for computers, online resources and corporate networks. It uses two-factor authentication including a secure element, on which all personal information is kept, combined with biometrics. This can be integrated with existing equipment, for example by plugging in a reader which reads biometric information to prove the user is who they say they are.

Andre Delaforge, Head of Marketing at Natural Security, said: “Currently users have so many individual passwords they frequently become forgotten or confused. Not only is this an inconvenience for the user, it also costs businesses money. Enterprises spend hundreds of thousands each year and waste valuable IT resources just to reset passwords. As the Natural Security device replaces the need for passwords with biometrics it could help reduce this expenditure.”

The device requires only one enrolment for all different usages in both the online and physical world. The device has great flexibility and could potentially replace not just passwords but also remove the need for PINs on bank accounts and access codes to buildings.

Authentication in an Online World

To further accelerate the spread of biometric authentication usage, Natural Security is running a unique development competition to identify and promote uses for fast, simple and secure online user authentication. The contest is open to all online service professionals interested in developing services that require strong user authentication and offers a genuine opportunity for both upcoming and existing innovators to see their ideas showcased at the most prestigious payment technology event in Europe.

Entrants may propose either new, innovative uses or uses that significantly improve on existing services. Proposals can therefore relate to:

  • Identity and identifier management
  • Access to internet-based resources
  • Online operations requiring strong authentication (e.g. signature, financial transactions)

Winners will participate in the 2012 Cartes Exhibition & Conference alongside natural security, with applications showcased at natural security's stand. The application will also be integrated into both natural security's and its partners' product offerings and showcased through video interviews released to the natural security and partner communities. Submission deadline: 25th June 2012.

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