Announcing Performance & Risk Operational Reviews from the Spaulding Group

Somerset, NJ - 9 July 2012

A thorough and comprehensive analysis of a firm's performance measurement function

The Spaulding Group, Inc. announced today that it is formalizing a performance and risk operational review. The service is a thorough, comprehensive and detailed analysis of a firm's performance and risk measurement operations. TSG's Operational Review Service provides the firm with a validation of what they're doing right, as well as ideas to enhance their organization and the services they provide to both their internal and external clients.

"Over the past 20 years we have conducted operations reviews for several asset managers and plan sponsors. We are excited to announce the formalization of this service," said TSG's president, David Spaulding, CIPM. The review covers the organization's structure, calculations, functionality, reporting, systems, workflow, completeness, and controls. Upon completion, clients will be provided with a comprehensive assessment of how they are doing, as well as how and where they can improve.

The service is available to any firm or institution with a performance measurement function, whether it's a separate department or an "extra duty" for one or more members of the team. This includes asset managers, pension funds, endowments, foundations, government agencies, and custodians. There is no defined way for an organization to be structured or staffed; there are many variables which can influence the choices firms make.This service will provide firms with an assessment of how they can improve their operations and ultimately benefit the overall investment process.

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