SLIB has launched the latest version of SLIB Settlement

17 July 2012

SLIB announces the launch of the new version of SLIB Settlement software, its international management hub for settlement instructions, intended for all post market players whether they are brokers, clearers or account keepers/custodians.

This new version offers a functional scope enhanced through two major areas: interactive central steering and synthetic planning management.

Firstly an interactive central steering system has been implemented. Concretely a settlement dashboard enables operators to gain reactivity by following evolutions of the various settlement instructions and their status in real time: unmatched alledgement, pending cancellations, unallocated FOP, standby instructions, instructions not settled within the day, etc. The dashboard makes it possible to get a global vision or to reach quickly -in a few clicks- settlement instruction details that need to be reviewed more thoroughly.

Then planning management allows the institution to optimize its positions fluctuations at the various depositaries and to anticipate in a better way its lending and borrowing requirements or cross-border instructions. Operators can also easily consult in real time planned securities positions as per multiple criteria: by value, depositary... Exceptions, such as short positions, are clearly identified which enables to find out risks of delivery failures very quickly.

Finally, beyond these two areas, SLIB Settlement offers additional functions that improve processing efficiency: for instance the management of status exceptions and an increased flexibility when splitting and reverse splitting settlement instructions.

SLIB Settlement is already been used by many companies -banks and brokers- as a way to manage their settlement locally as well as internationally. The new version has already been in production for a few months at some SLIB customers.

Philippe Cognet, SLIB CEO summed up: "More flexibility, more reactivity and better stock liquidity forecast: the new version of SLIB Settlement is a real global and central "hub" designed to steer instructions efficiently. This powerful tool which is open upstream and downstream is a real asset for our customers in the early stage of harmonizing settlement days and of T2S.

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