Healthcare Finance Brief Gives Industry Investors New Insight

New York - 10 July 2012

Bloomberg Experts Contribute News & Trend Analysis to Weekly Pub

Bloomberg today announced a new weekly newsletter, Healthcare Finance, which analyzes industry news, events and trends for investors in the global healthcare market.

Bloomberg Brief Healthcare Finance contains data, analysis and insights from a wide range of Bloomberg specialists including analysts, legal professionals and journalists from Bloomberg Industries, Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg Government, Bloomberg BNA and Bloomberg News. These contributors assess the material impact of industry events, legal proceedings and news on pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and healthcare services companies.

"Healthcare Finance gives readers a clear and concise overview of industry developments that could impact the profitability of healthcare companies and products," said Ted Merz, executive editor of the Bloomberg Brief series. "Government regulations, new public health policies and the supplier market are just some of many things that influence an investment in the healthcare sector. It helps investors keep track of this complex and growing industry."

Healthcare Finance offers exclusive features such as a comprehensive catalyst calendar, prescription data, short-interest trends, patent litigation tracker, investment analysis and an overview of newsworthy events for the week ahead.

The i Brief joins 16 others that cover a range of topics and together count more than 185,000 subscribers. All Bloomberg Briefs combine proprietary news, market data, and analytics with industry-specific commentary from business leaders, economists, strategists, policy makers and researchers.

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