Bloomberg Launches Major Global Product Evolution

London and New York - 27 February 2012

Enhancements give faster, deeper insights to complex markets

Business and financial professionals struggling to get an edge in today's increasingly complex global marketplace will get faster, deeper insights from the latest version of the Bloomberg Professional service, Bloomberg LP executives announced today.

More than 100,000 clients have already converted to Bloomberg NEXT, a major evolution of the Bloomberg Professional service (the Terminal) that consolidates and integrates its extensive data, news and analytics. The company also kicked off a global campaign to convert all its customers, nearly 310,000 of the world's leading business and financial professionals, to Bloomberg NEXT by the end of this year.

"The complexity and interconnectedness of the global financial marketplace has grown significantly. Business and financial professionals need to synthesize astounding amounts of information to make intelligent investment decisions," said Tom Secunda, Bloomberg LP's co-founder, vice chairman and head of the company's financial products and services division. "We have redesigned the terminal to ensure that our clients get the best, fastest and most insightful answers."

Lars Hansen, Senior Portfolio Manager, Denmark's DIP, the Danish Pension Fund for Engineers, said, "Bloomberg NEXT is a major step forward. NEXT is much more intuitive -- you can see multiple pieces of information on one screen, which lets you see new interrelationships."

"These advancements come from strong partnerships with our clients. We stop, listen and try to understand what our customers want. We have taken the industry's most powerful and comprehensive platform and made it even better," said Jean-Paul Zammitt, global head of product strategy and development for the Bloomberg Professional service, the company's core product.

Bloomberg NEXT is the result of a multi-year design process conducted by Bloomberg Research & Development, a team of more than 3,000 technologists. In addition, a select group of clients volunteered to allow Bloomberg to review keystrokes and commands most commonly used across an array of functions. The goal was to continue to facilitate user-productivity while making navigation more intuitive and enhance the customer experience.

Some of the enhancements, which are available globally at no additional cost, include:

  • Better discoverability - With Bloomberg NEXT, it's easier than ever for users to tap into Bloomberg's vast resources. Bloomberg NEXT's new discoverability features allow users to get quick, direct answers to their queries as well as pull together a wide variety of related details such as companies, research and charts. A more powerful search engine means users can type just a few words and go directly to the desired securities, functions, people and news. The streamlined menu listing puts the most relevant information and topics right up front.

  • More uniformity - Every screen of the Bloomberg Professional service has been redesigned to provide a common look and feel. This consistent interface across asset classes and functions allows expert users and generalists alike to more efficiently navigate often-used functions as well as discover new functions.

  • Intuitive Workflow - The functionality of the Bloomberg Professional service has been re-engineered so that a user can quickly and seamlessly navigate through the series of questions and answers essential to making smart market decisions. The new workflow in Bloomberg NEXT allows expert users to drill deeper and occasional users to discover new functions.

"The pace of change in financial markets will only accelerate and with it the need for more information," Secunda said. "With NEXT, Bloomberg is now positioned to quickly answer those evolving questions and ensure that our clients will always have the leading edge in making investment decisions."

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