Panini Scanners in Italian Post Offices: Read Rates Near 100%

Turin, Italy and Dayton, OH - 4 December 2012

Poste Italiane, the largest logistics and technology infrastructure organization in Italy, has chosen Panini, a global payments solutions leader, as their technology provider for the dematerialization of payment slips. They have installed over 21,600 Panini Vision X® scanners at postal locations throughout the country. Panini has been working with Poste Italiane for the past two years to create a solution that met their technical specifications and increased their return on investment.

The payment slip dematerialization project, which was deployed in two phases, has had a significant impact on both the front counter and the back office. The first phase involved pre-marked slips; the second included all remaining unmarked slips. The new processes at the front counter have led to marked improvements, both in reliability and efficiency, in the management of payment slips, with read rates near 100%. Even the back office has seen significant improvements by eliminating the original paper slip and utilizing images to streamline and speed up the process.

"We are very satisfied with the development of the payment slip dematerialization project carried out in partnership with Panini," said Francesco Imposimato, Head of Service Delivery of Poste Italiane. "The way payment slips were handled before involved substantial management costs which, thanks to dematerialization, are now greatly reduced. At the same time, the new technology provided by Panini allows us to electronically manage all information, speed up the entire process and reduce the physical footprint associated with the management of paper at the front counter and in the back office. This allows our postal locations to have more time and space to improve and diversify their offerings by providing new and additional services to our customers. The Panini Vision X scanner will be used by Banco Posta in the near future for the management of electronic checks in compliance with Legge 106/2011 (Check Imaging Law enacted by the Italian Government in July 2011)."

The new technology has received positive feedback from all stakeholders involved. Operators perceive the new management process as innovative, efficient and fast. Customers, initially surprised by having the original payment slip returned to them, have welcomed the change. "With dematerialization, the crediting of the amount paid at the counter can occur much faster than with the traditional management system. This is a considerable economic advantage when you considering the total number of bills processed and the amount of interest on the sums which will be credited in advance, "says Nicola Aliperti, CEO of Panini."

"The collaboration of Panini and Poste Italiane is particularly significant to us," says Aliperti. "More than 30 million people will come in contact with this new technology and will witness, at post offices located throughout Italy, the automation occurring in our country. Panini is establishing itself as a thought leader with Italian financial institutions, while achieving success on an international level with more than 750,000 Panini capture devices installed worldwide. The achievements in collaboration with Poste Italiane over the last two years demonstrate the principal role the company plays in its home market of Italy. We look forward to continuing and extending this role.”

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