Push Technology sets real time data benchmark with launch of Diffusion™ 4.4

London - 19 December 2012

Unique Structural Conflation feature eliminates stale data

Push Technology today announced the launch of Diffusion™ 4.4, which features a patented protocol optimisation - Structural Conflation - to enhance performance and the ability to achieve unparalleled scale for organisations requiring real time data on demand.

Unique to Push Technology, Structural Conflation represents a revolutionary means of removing redundant or stale information from any live, two way, data stream, giving organisations the ability to intelligently and dynamically update data in transit, inserting only the new, appropriate and relevant information.

Diffusion™ 4.4 replaces messages yet to be distributed to the end user with a more current message, resulting in a reduction of bandwidth usage and enabling the server to service a larger number of concurrent client connections.

Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology said of the launch: “It is a significant launch for us and our clients, and I have no doubt will set new standards for live data distribution. Diffusion™ 4.4 is a platform-agnostic product and so can be deployed and integrated on any infrastructure, avoiding the deployment requirements normally associated with data streaming software.”

Structural Conflation maximises responsiveness, timeliness and relevance through the avoidance of distribution of soon to be stale data. The greater the load, the higher the value delivered by conflation; when servers are running near to saturation Diffusion™ 4.4 automatically adapts to the load by minimising data distributed.

Dr Andy Piper, Chief Technology Officer at Push Technology added: “The Structural Conflation feature can reduce engineering and development time, whilst improving performance, optimising bandwidth, lowering the cost to serve the data and ultimately enabling the best live customer experience. This is the future of live data distribution.”

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