World’s first Windows Phone-based solution for workforce automation

24 April 2012

eLeader Mobile Visit is the world’s first smartphone-based mobile FFM/SFA/CRM solution for mobile sales forces and other teams working in the field. It is now used in more than 50 countries all over the world, by companies such as Heinz, Lindt, Lenovo, Sony, Microsoft and many others.

Software vendor eLeader launched this pioneering mobile system several years ago. It was dedicated to the first smartphones that were appearing on the market at that time. Recently, eLeader has launched support for the new Microsoft Windows Phone mobile platform, another world-first.

“I am pleased that there are advanced business solutions - like eLeader Mobile Visit - appearing for the Windows Phone platform. We are interested in applications that are important from the perspective of corporate clients and strongly associated with the entire Microsoft solutions ecosystem. The eLeader team has successfully managed to connect the modern philosophy of the new Metro interface with complex functionalities.” – said Ewelina Baginska, Windows Phone Business Group Lead at Microsoft.

The application has been designed in accordance with Microsoft’s guidelines for Windows Phone. The eLeader team has retained the high level of usability which the previous versions of the application were famous for, such as the ability to use the application with one hand, which is important for sales representatives.

"Our decision to create a new version for Microsoft’s innovative platform was based on client requirements, and our own beliefs about the future of the Windows Phone operating system. Independent studies, conducted for eLeader by Millward Brown SMG/KRC have confirmed this. They clearly show that the technological alliance between Nokia and Microsoft will enable this new mobile platform to quickly achieve a strong position in the smartphone market, especially in the area of business solutions." – says Pawel Golubiak, Workforce Solutions Business Unit Director, responsible for eLeader Mobile Visit.

Dariusz Zalewski Nokia, Central and Eastern Europe Ecosystem and Developers Head, adds – “I am very pleased that eLeader’s solution, well known to us since the Symbian platform version, is ready so quickly for the latest Nokia Lumia smartphones. We are pleased that this solution, will be used by the dynamically growing group of business users with Nokia smartphones supported by Windows Phone. In addition to immediate and free access to typical business applications such as MS Office, Outlook, e-mail, Nokia Maps and Nokia navigation, the ability to use SFA/FFM/CRM applications makes the Nokia Lumia smartphones excellent tools to help sales representatives with their daily duties."

Development of the Windows Phone version of eLeader Mobile Visit is another element in the rapid expansion of the company. Previously this year, eLeader added support for Google Android. eLeader Mobile Visit is now available for three operating systems: Windows Phone, Android and Symbian, the only solution in the world supporting all these platforms. Thus it is possible to implement solutions for a wide range of mobile phones used by employees, depending on user preference and the specifics of individual projects.

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