Orc releases next generation derivatives market making application for Asia

Sydney, Tokyo and Hong Kong - 23 April 2012

Orc Market Maker, a powerful market making solution features an ultra-low latency, server based trading engine for advanced quoting, hedging and superior trading performance.

Orc, a leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry, today announced the regional launch of Orc Market Maker, a server based solution that combines the speed, scalability and rich functionality demanded in today’s competitive markets.

Orc Market Maker addresses the present and future challenges of making markets in listed derivatives, including the need to manage low-latency quoting strategies across multiple markets from a single interface. Orc’s sophisticated volatility and risk management tools allow users to quickly and intuitively manipulate their pricing based on Orc´s own models. Orc Market Maker also features pricing and volatility APIs, allowing customers to integrate their proprietary pricing models with Orc.

Orc Market Maker offers great flexibility to address the needs of a wide array of users, with a focus on new functionality. It is delivered as an out-of-the box application with support for warrants, options and structured products. Orc Market Maker is simple to deploy and support, while continuing to live up to Orc’s reputation of delivering liquidity providers the functional, operational and technical benefits necessary for success:

  • Smarter quoting: Automated hedging, liquidity-sensitive pricing, delta-based quote volumes and strike prioritization helps facilitate more intelligent quoting. Quote multiple bids or offers on any given instrument to ensure you trade at the best prices and with priority.
  • Manage risk: Server based, high performance quoting engine optimized per exchange for ultimate speed. Advanced real-time risk management, risk reports and simulation capabilities enable market makers to stay in control of their positions.
  • Increase efficiency: An out-of-the box application with support for listed derivatives, Orc Market Maker can be utilized across trading desks with all of the benefits of Orc’s server side execution platform.
  • Versatility co-driving business: Orc’s rich functionality, modular architecture and extensive connectivity offering allows firms to quickly try ideas or expand to new markets.

“In today’s highly volatile Asian markets, sophisticated technology is critical for market makers to capture market opportunities and to maximize profits,” said Jesper Alfredsson, Vice President Product Management, Orc. “The newly launched Orc Market Maker answers the key challenges faced by today’s market makers, and gives firms an edge in terms of the speed, market reach and intelligence required for optimum performance. Building on Orc’s experience from delivering market making technology for over 20 years, we continue to develop and provide advanced trading technology for the continued success of our clients.”

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