Risk Management Arsenal Expands for Wealth Managers

Charlotte, NC - 19 April 2012

AEPG Wealth Strategies, Inc., one of New Jersey's largest and oldest independent Registered Investment Advisors, is announcing the availability of its AEPG Core-Satellite Solutions to wealth managers nationwide via the Adhesion unified managed account platform.

As the lessons of 2008 linger, many wealth managers are still searching for approaches to construct risk-managed portfolios better suited to the increased volatility and global currents that affect today's markets. They seek sophisticated solutions offering greater diversification of return streams coupled with measurable downside protection during periods of market stress.

This search has led to increased interest by wealth managers in core / satellite portfolio structures that utilize both low-risk and risk-based components and are built upon low-cost beta exposure with the right mix of active management to take advantage of inefficient areas of the market.

One such wealth manager is AEPG Wealth Strategies (AEPG), based in Warren, NJ with $700 million in AUM. Dissatisfaction with traditional asset class diversification that did not deliver as it should and with fixed allocations that restricted their ability to react effectively to dynamic conditions has resulted in the creation of AEPG Core-Satellite Solutions. A solution that currently provides AEPG's clients a greater safety net and provides AEPG greater flexibility in managing diversification both in 'normal' times is now available to wealth managers nationwide. AEPG Core-Satellite Solutions provide:

The objective of superior risk-adjusted total returns over the long term;

A low-risk component providing current income with limited volatility and downside risk;

A passive "Core" based upon a global equity model;

Active "Satellites" supported by a dedicated research team focused on identifying tactical opportunities, with risk management parameters that identify precise entry and exit points.

AEPG Core-Satellite Solutions was borne out of a partnership of specialists, leveraging AEPG's investment research and portfolio construction expertise and Adhesion's market leading implementation platform. The benefits to wealth managers include:

An investment solution that addresses client apprehension of today's markets;

Leveraging the expertise and technology of specialists in investment research and portfolio implementation;

Active monitoring and rules-based rebalancing of client accounts;

Distinctive performance reports which reflect the unique structure of core-satellite portfolios;

Custodian flexibility - available for accounts held at Schwab Advisors Services, TD Ameritrade Institutional, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, or Pershing Advisor Solutions.

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